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Technical principle and procurement of packing machine

in the automatic packaging line, the packing machine is the core of the whole line system operation, and it is also a relatively weak link in the mechanical design and manufacturing of domestic packaging, which is a typical energy-saving material. Although packaging machinery is not a direct production machine, it is necessary to realize production automation. Although the one-time investment of the packing machine is large, it is still the secondary packaging equipment that users and enterprises must choose from the aspects of long-term production cost accounting and corporate image improvement

technical principle

the packing machine adopts PLC programmable device, which carries out preset programming according to the production requirements and characteristics, and automatically collects, sorts and arranges the products in bundles. With high sensitivity, the servo electromechanical controller will alarm and shut down by the manipulator; The bundled products are packed into cartons

selection of packing machine

the selection of packing machine can generally be considered from the following five aspects:

1. Mechanical structure: the collection, sorting and cluster arrangement of products are the key to the packing machine, so users should pay attention to whether the mechanical structure of the packing machine can meet the production needs of users before purchasing. In addition, according to the different packing methods of products, there are generally four optional packing methods: grab, clip, suction and push. Users should choose the best packing method according to their needs before purchasing

2. Automatic control: the control system is the guarantee for the normal operation of all functions, and it is also the automatic protection in case of faults and accidents, so the user should know how to set the control system in detail when selecting

3. production speed: whether it can meet the production requirements. Principle of universal material testing machine: the force and stretch degree of the pattern is stretched to the predetermined force value at a fixed rate or until the pattern is broken

4. Internal configuration: a good configuration can ensure a good product, so users should pay attention to whether the internal configuration of the packing machine selects accessories with better quality

Jiangyin narejie packaging equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully developed zxp-01 special-shaped bottle (can) packing machine with many years of design and manufacturing experience and the joint efforts of a large number of technicians. Now we will make a cost analysis for this model

if the user chooses the zxp-01 packing machine (selling price is about 280000 yuan) of naljie company, then about 8 employees can be saved on the rear packaging line. Based on 20000 yuan/year (including various expenses) for each employee, the enterprise can reduce the cost by 160000 yuan per year, so the user enterprise can recover the investment in the packing machine in about one and a half years. Zxp-01 packing machine fully conforms to the content of GMP certification that is being enforced in the domestic pharmaceutical industry at present, which is obvious for improving the corporate image and enhancing the competitiveness of corporate products

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while doing a good job in the original series of products such as unpacking machine and sealing machine, narje has successfully developed and developed a number of high-performance packing machine series products through its own continuous efforts. Now zxp-01 packing machine introduced to you is one of them

zxp-01 packing machine features:

1. Beautiful appearance, compact structure, and only 2/3 of the volume of similar products

2. It is applicable to a wide range of bottle (can) products of various specifications and shapes. The equipment has good stability and convenient adjustment

3. On the basis of traditional automatic collection and sorting methods, the mechanism and function of product separation are added according to the packing requirements to ensure that bottle (can) products (especially special-shaped bottles or cans) will not have the fault of bottle (can) jamming during automatic clustering

4. the manipulator can be changed freely according to the product characteristics

5. Strong self checking function. In case of bottle jam, missing grasp (or suction, clamping) and other faults, the boxing machine will immediately alarm and automatically stop the action

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