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TR2 self-adhesive offset printing machine technical performance

Japan Iwasaki 5-color label offset printing machine

TR2 self-adhesive offset printing machine is a label printing machine produced by Iwasaki, Japan. TR2 self-adhesive offset printing machine is very suitable for the label printing business with small batch, multiple varieties and exquisite printing requirements. TR2 is popular in the market for its color recovery performance, high stability, high efficiency and simple operation

product features:

press the dent on the surface of the sample

remote touch screen operation

temperature control of printing unit

adopt servodrive technology

main technical specifications:

maximum printing specification: 310254mm

maximum paper roll width: mm

maximum die cutting specification: 310254mm (optional)

printing speed: RPM (50 meters)

repetition length: mm

power (transmission): 3 it can be widely used in home appliances, automobiles, electric vehicles, toys, daily necessities, chemical fibers, wires and cables, pipelines and other different industries and fields, 200 volts, 26 kW (5-color machine)

power (UV device): 3-phase, 200 V, 5.6 kW (x5 color machine)

compressed air pressure: 6kg square centimeter

machine weight: 11700 (5 color machine +rd)

machine volume: 26.9 cubic meters optional device

offset color group

flexo color group

roller die-cutting device

roller bronzing device

back printing color group

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