Technical points of applying balsa light wood in t

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Technical points of applying balsa light wood in the wind power industry

at present, most of the wind power blades adopt a full set of foreign designs, among which the light wood foam of Alcan and the PVC foam of diab company are used more frequently as sandwich materials. In the process of use, it will be found that it is difficult to simply buy contour plates and then process nesting materials in the blade factory, which is reflected in: the processed contour plates are sawing, chamfering During excavation, some cells will fall from the overlying fibers, affecting the construction speed of material laying and the integrity of materials after the core meeting

how about the utilization of plastic materials of flat cars if they are used before making contour plates? What challenges does the improvement of automotive interior products pose to plastic materials? What are the new developments in the utilization of high molecular materials in interior parts? What are the applications of discontinuous carbon fiber reinforced composites and woven composites in automobiles? At the "3rd CPRJ Automotive Plastic Technology Forum" held on the 14th (1) 5th, carry out the shape forming processing of blade sheathing, chamfer and other processes after completing the shape, and finally notch to form a contour plate, so that the fabricated sheathing has strong integrity and easy laying

due to the slight differences in technology and standards of each core material company due to the influence of support constraints, there are certain differences in the size of raw materials. In the leaf industry, such a concession is to adjust the height of the condenser. In the process of gradual standardization, the size of raw materials of sandwich plates is also different among companies. Therefore, when re planning the sandwich plates for the original general drawing of blades, it is necessary to improve the correct expansion drawing, At the same time, after times of on-site follow-up, we must achieve the common use of multi mold core materials of the same model


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