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Flexible packaging materials technology perspective (III)

normal> technical aspect 3:

normal> packaging using only one technology can be called the first generation of intelligent packaging. This packaging method covers a broader range. We have seen examples of multiple functions falling into the same technology, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags

normal align=center> technical performance of intelligent packaging

in order to achieve the effects of anti-counterfeiting, tracking and anti-theft, optical features have been introduced into packaging technology, such as holographic codes and bar codes, but these are mostly variants of the old method, It is not generally called intelligent. The introduction of magnetic properties, such as embedded fibers and magnetic strips, is also difficult to be called a new technology

normal> the first generation of intelligent packaging

normal> "intelligent packaging" is mainly used for packaging technologies that use mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical properties, because these technologies 5 Relative error of torque indication: ± 1% appears later and is more intelligent. Examples of smart packaging include:

◆ mechanical: such as self mixing packaging; For example, gadgets that can produce foam in beverages and advanced aerosol products

◆ electrical: such as battery test labels that are thrown away after use

◆ electronic: for example, the conductive ink game on McDonald's food packaging bag

◆ chemical: for example, two chemical agents react when released, such as epoxy resin glue; Wine in oak containers; Perfume packaging that will emit fragrance to achieve promotional effect; Modified atmosphere packaging can better preserve food

packaging using only one technology can be called the first generation of intelligent packaging. Such a packaging method covers a broader range. We have seen examples where multiple functions are classified into the same technology, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags used on Library DVD anti-theft tags to perform the function of electronic commodity anti-theft system (EAS)

normal> biosensor label for electronic monitoring of packaging time and temperature changes. Findus foods and a dairy company from Sweden have tried the label, and the effect is very good. A biosensor tag combined with RFID technology is under development

normal> second generation intelligent packaging

normal> second generation intelligent packaging combines two or more principles in the fields of machinery, electrical appliances, electronics and chemistry. This combination is extremely powerful, with the effect of "two plus two equals five". Many products have not been launched, but they are already in the expectation

normal> machinery + Electronics: the foamed plastic container for packaging drugs can record the access of drugs; DVD packaging box with lock for store display to avoid losing EAS label inside; Electrostatic aerosol can evenly apply cosmetics to facial skin

mechanical + chemical: power jet water tank cleaning aerosol can also be used to blow away the blockage of water channels

chemistry + Electronics: biosensors and printed circuits work together to monitor changes in the retention time and temperature of food in the supply chain (bioett)

n its biological source is rapeseed oil ormal> chemistry + electricity: the first generation skin patch uses electrical principles to accelerate the absorption of drugs by the skin

normal> due to the development of supermarkets and fast food stores as garbage, a new concept of HMR has emerged and prevailed abroad in recent years, and the HMR market has developed rapidly. In order to prevent the influence of odor (referring to odor and odor) of packaging items, deodorization packaging was developed. At present, there are more than 40 kinds of deodorization packaging materials, which are mainly divided into three types:

class A is a chemical deodorization type, which can remove the odor or peculiar smell of nitrogen compounds and sulfur compounds plus ammonia, dimethylamine, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide and so on. 1-way control vertical oil cylinder

b belongs to physical type, which is mainly used to remove odor or peculiar smell such as hydrogen sulfide and carboxylic acid. It is characterized by good deodorization effect for high concentration hydrogen sulfide

c materials are mixed deodorization type. It is mainly made of activated carbon deodorant, and the characteristics of this kind of material are low concentration and good deodorization

deodorizing wrapping paper film can also play a deodorizing and fresh-keeping effect when used in food packaging. General deodorization packaging is mainly used for the packaging of food with special smell or peculiar smell, as well as agricultural products and aquatic products

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