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Technical precautions for safe operation of construction elevators in summer

although it has entered midsummer, many construction projects have not stopped construction due to weather reasons. For some outdoor operations, such as construction elevators, there will be more factors inducing some safety accidents in summer than in other seasons, such as high temperature, thunderstorm weather, etc

at present, many local construction bureaus have issued notices requiring all construction units not to work in direct sunlight from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. when the temperature reaches above 35 ℃; When the temperature reaches 37 ℃ or above, outdoor operations, such as construction elevators and lifting towers, must be stopped

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according to the notice, all construction units should formulate targeted preventive measures according to the characteristics of flood season and high temperature season. Carry out self inspection and self correction of hidden dangers of construction safety in summer, focusing on the tower crane, construction elevator, foundation pit support, scaffold, high formwork, construction power, integration of existing agricultural production, processing and cold chain storage and transportation capacity, temporary living facilities, fire safety, etc. at the construction site. The hidden dangers found should be rectified immediately, and the temporary facilities that cannot ensure personal safety should be evacuated and demolished in time to prevent collapse, landslide and other accidents

at the same time, the construction site must be equipped with necessary heatstroke prevention and cooling facilities, and the labor operation time should avoid the hot sun and high temperature period. The temporary living facilities on the construction site shall ensure safety, ventilation, cooling and sanitation, ensure that the front-line operators have a good rest, actively improve the working conditions and reduce the labor intensity, and shall not work overtime continuously. It is forbidden to work overtime late at night, which will disturb the residents. The construction site shall provide sufficient tea or cool drink naming materials and first-aid drugs. The canteen on the construction site shall purchase fresh vegetables and food, strengthen food hygiene management, kill flies and insects, clear and remove domestic garbage and sewage in time, and do a good job in preventing heatstroke and food poisoning

the direct persons and relevant units that cause accidents due to ineffective troubleshooting of hidden dangers, neglect of prevention, neglect of management, and inadequate and non implementation of product upgrading personnel shall be strictly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law

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