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Show the charm of taking the lead -- the latest technologies and products of Axiomtek are in IAC

a few days ago, the 9th International Industrial automation and Control Technology Exhibition (IAC) ended in Shanghai New International Expo Center, attracting large manufacturers at home and abroad, as well as media and users from all walks of life. The scale of this exhibition is unprecedented, with more than 1000 booths and hundreds of forum speeches. The crowded exhibition hall has added a fire to the high temperature of Shanghai for several consecutive days. As in previous years' exhibitions, many well-known manufacturers at home and abroad have chosen IAC as the stage for launching new products and technologies, and many new products and solutions have appeared. Axiomtek, which has long focused on the development and production of new industrial computer technologies and products, is no exception. With its distinctive booth image and the application and advantages of a complete series of products, it attracted special attention of the participants

aisun technology fully demonstrates its four characteristic product lines in the field of industrial automation control, including: embedded single board computers, human-machine interface tablets, network application platforms and networks, which are currently the mainstream in the market. 2. Crescent samples are selected for electronic universal testing machines: Crescent samples are pre cutting storage equipment for samples. At this IAC exhibition, Aixun technology once again put forward the concept of ACP (applied computing platforms), that is, the applied computer platform. With a net profit of 28.3 billion yen as the theme, we will provide users with technologically innovative solutions from different levels

aisun Technology launched hardware platforms with different characteristics for this exhibition. Four characteristic product lines are set up in different exhibition areas, and the main new products in each exhibition area have obvious competitive advantages. The following introduces several main products that have attracted great market attention:

- embedded single board computer (ECP): it shows a full range of products such as high-efficiency embedded single board computer, embedded Mini hardware platform and embedded operating system, Whether Intel or via low-power CPU is used, it can meet the diverse requirements of embedded application environment. For example, the fan free wide temperature embedded Microbox ebox745 EFL (225 x 225 x 51mm), the fan free wide temperature embedded system ebox746 EFL (225 x 225 x 63mm), and the fan free embedded system ebox738 FL (225 x 275 x 90mm) all have the characteristics of fan free, low power consumption, high efficiency and so on, which are one of the highlights of this exhibition of aisun technology. Aisenke oilfield chemicals mainly include mineral products, inorganic chemical products, organic chemical products, natural materials, high molecular synthetic materials and other technologies, and also provide comprehensive customized services for different needs

ecp exhibit area has complete specifications, and the audience is paying close attention to the fan free wide temperature embedded system ebox-738fl

- human machine interface (HMI): Aixun technology tablet computer series, with the main characteristics of light and thin size, unique seismic design and high reliability. Panel-6190 tablet, 19 "TFT, high brightness Industrial LCD display, takes the lead in the industry and is superior to the industry. It is suitable for the application of diversified industrial man-machine interfaces.

- network application platform, according to the American financial company P M corporate finance LLC statistical series (network security appliances): show the latest network application platform solutions, such as: na-2701b (88 x 427 x 392.75mm) high-performance network security application platform, equipped with Intel Xeon CPU and seven groups of Ethernet ports (4 optical ports and 3 copper ports are optional). The application market is quite wide, such as firewall, virtual private network, email filtering, load balancing bandwidth management, etc., which can meet the needs of any network hardware platform and provide customized services



- storage solution: display the latest network storage series products and applications on site, including network storage solutions. In addition, the new generation of powerful and easy to operate personal/multi person data backup and recovery software "exboot" series let participants experience the fastest backup and restore solution

communicate and interact with industry leaders at home and abroad to share the technology development and rich application examples leading the industrial control field. Aisun technology will continue to show more latest R & D achievements and technologies to people from all walks of life in various forms in the future

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