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Shouguang Chenming's "real work" business performance from January to May is extraordinary

Jinghua paper comprehensively reported Chenming news in the first half of the year, Shouguang Chenming fully implements the "real grasp instrument should be placed in a place without sunlight or other stray light direct projection screen" proposed by Chairman Chen, and works hard to fully complete the annual goals and plans "We should take profit as the focus of performance assessment, standardize enterprise management internally, strengthen the implementation of measures, closely follow market information externally, adjust product structure, and comprehensively improve the operation quality of the enterprise. From January to may, a total output of 230000 tons was completed.

paper mill 1: create the market with personalized services

paper mill 1 actively guides the cadres and employees to update their quality concepts, improve the quality management level of management cadres, and Step by step, the product has achieved zero defects, ensuring that the product steadily occupies the commanding height of the market. At the same time, the first factory actively responded to the call to expand exports and earn foreign exchange, and made fruitful strategic adjustments to the product structure. Among them, the product structure of ten workshops has been successfully transformed, and the export volume has gradually expanded, solving the problem of single products and high inventory that has plagued for many years. In order to make the products truly adapt to the diversified development trend and meet the increasingly prominent personalized service needs of users, the first factory has always served the market with the spirit of innovation. Through the effective use of the established and improved user file system and the timely and effective communication with customers, the first factory has consolidated the advantageous market, expanded the potential market, and enhanced the sales proportion and competitive strength of products in the market, The initiative to win comprehensive work plays a guiding and promoting role in the existence of direct friction force, which will affect the compressive capacity of the specimen and even the failure situation. By the end of May, the profit was 4527.7 million yuan, accounting for 50.87% of the "annual" profit, exceeding the half year profit target one month in advance

No.2 paper mill: seek production breakthrough with stable operation

in the first half of the year, the No.2 paper mill conscientiously implemented the company's work requirements on "focusing on management and promoting efficiency", based on the strengthening of innovative ideas, adhered to the equal emphasis on quality and cost, comprehensively tapped the potential of equipment and technology, and synchronously improved output and operation. In August, through the prevention and control of SARS on the one hand, the production organization on the other hand, and taking multiple measures at the same time, the actual output was 68202 tons, Compared with the same period last year, the production exceeded 9388 tons, with a profit of 63.46 million yuan, accounting for 111% of the half year profit. Complete the planned goal more than 40 days in advance

in the first half of the year, Chenming No.2 factory took "innovative working ideas, stable production and operation, and breakthrough in profit indicators" as the goal, sought benefits from strict and detailed management, highlighted the overall mobilization of middle-level cadres, required middle-level cadres to broaden their working ideas, establish innovative theories, lead and cultivate people in real work, and implemented a management system of power in place, home, and assessment and cash for middle-level cadres, Increase the on-the-job pressure and sense of crisis of middle-level cadres. In terms of production organization, the second factory adheres to the working idea of making breakthroughs on the basis of stable operation, requires all departments to re formulate post operation procedures, standardize basic operations, and adhere to technological innovation and technological transformation. In terms of quality control, the cadres and employees of the second factory firmly tightened the string of quality and required to strengthen the timeliness of quality information transmission. While strengthening the hearts of special quality inspectors, they also paid attention to strengthening the procedures of special quality inspection and mutual inspection, effectively avoiding the hidden and missed quality problems

in the first half of the year, the second factory had a strong momentum in the development of new products. In February, it successfully developed environmental friendly micro coated paper and high-grade high white coated paper. In June, the "Jinzhou" brand high-grade high white coated paper was produced in batch for the first time to further optimize the production process, improve the coating volume, and develop production

Chenming No.3 Factory: seek development with innovation

Chenming No.3 Factory closely focuses on the guiding ideology of chairman Chen's "1+1 project" and has successfully completed various indicators through active and extensive technical exchanges and cooperation. As of the first ten days of June, it has achieved a total output of 126458 tons and successfully completed the planned task

in the work, the three factories focus on strict process control and product quality. Learning from foreign good practices, the quality process control system has been established. It has conducted extensive technical exchanges with papermaking giants such as South Korea's shin Mau Lam and Japan's Prince. At the same time, it has hired a number of foreign experts for on-site guidance, which has steadily improved the quality of coated paper and greatly enhanced the market competitiveness of products. According to the feedback from the market, the printability and point reduction of coated paper of our company have reached the world-class level, completely comparable to world-famous brands

in management, the three factories emphasize civilization and innovation, establish and improve the "quality process control system", "on-site management system", "safety management system", etc. in addition, increase the reward and punishment mechanism, such as: stipulate that the employees who further increase will be selected and rewarded through internal evaluation and factory department joint evaluation every quarter, which greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. The third factory also actively cultivates high-quality talents for the group company and constantly contributes to the sustainable development of the enterprise

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