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Shanghai show after the national day of China Packaging Innovation Conference on October 10

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2019cpif China Packaging Innovation Conference is guided by the China Packaging Federation, supported by the United Nations Environment Programme, the China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, the plastic recycling association of the China synthetic resin Association, and the International Packaging Research Federation, and co sponsored by Reed Exhibitions group and the packaging Promotion Association

this conference will be held grandly at Shanghai Baohua Marriott Hotel on October 10, 2019 (sign in on October 10)! Based on the world and facing the future, the conference focuses on packaging innovation in the era of new plastic economy. Gather global high-end resources, integrate governments, NGOs, industry associations, international top 500 brand leading enterprises, well-known designers, world-renowned scholars, innovative packaging enterprises, etc. Set up four sub forums for food and beverage, electronic and electrical appliances, e-commerce logistics and catering takeout, discuss the packaging innovation in the post disposable plastic era from the perspectives of politics, production, learning, research and application, deeply analyze the breakthrough of new plastics and the innovative new products, innovative technologies and innovative applications of packaging in the post disposable plastic era, and lead the industry to accurately grasp the new opportunities, challenges and trends of the packaging industry

come to the China Packaging Innovation Conference and take you to know about the gathering of governments and authoritative NGOs

declassify policies and trends related to sustainable packaging and plastic pollution prevention

from the United Nations Environment Programme, the world ecological organization (weco), the gfhs global habitat forum, the Allen MacArthur Foundation, the initiator of the global commitment to the new plastic economy, the global aluminum foil organization, the China Packaging Federation, the China logistics society, the China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, the degradation Professional Committee of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association Official representatives of international industry and academic authoritative NGO organizations, such as the plastic recycling association of China synthetic resin Association, the International Association of packaging research institutes and so on, gathered together to interpret the new requirements and opportunities for packaging in the new plastic economy era

no design, no packaging

design leads the brand, engineering handshake design, comprehensive insight into the packaging innovative design trend in the new plastic economy era

seek development! General managers/packaging directors from Yves, the general director of global packaging innovation of Nestle, David France, academician of conegra Research Institute, the world's second largest frozen food company, P & G, Mengniu, kraft Heinz, uni president, Wahaha, Yili, Unilever, Yizi, Wangwang, hungry, meituan, Shiheng, Lujiao lane, Haidilao, will explore packaging innovation and design in the era of new plastic economy with you

new future of e-commerce packaging

in this new era where no one is without electric shock and online transactions are increasingly frequent, where is the e-commerce packaging road after 2025? Cost? Efficiency? Experience? Automation? intelligence? Should the traditional focus give way to the new plastic economy? Is e-commerce express delivery more small without disposable plastic packaging? More smart, more sustainable? What are the new actions of the world-renowned e-commerce express enterprises and mainstream e-commerce express enterprises in China

at the sub venue of e-commerce Packaging Co hosted by Cainiao and CPIF, watch the leaders of leading e-commerce express enterprises such as the state post administration, Cainiao, four links and one Da, SF, Suning and so on talk about the future of China's e-commerce express packaging after banning disposable plastics

global authoritative professors and scholars are escorted

Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Sichuan University, South China University of technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, Jiangnan University, Jinan University, Michigan State University, Yonsei University in Korea, Kobe University in Japan...

this conference brought together winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, chief scientists of 973, chief scientists of national key R & D projects With far-reaching influence in the field of global food packaging/heavyweight experts such as the first doctor of packaging in China, the first LCA in China, the first biodegradable plastic in China, and the first reverse logistics in China jointly present new materials, new technologies, and new models in the post disposable plastic packaging era

new plastic packaging innovation new product practitioner

new packaging release, China's packaging pioneers have a strong response to the new plastic economy

oxidative biodegradable plastic technology that can design the effective life cycle of plastics and make plastics have the ability of natural decomposition; To overcome the disposable paper cup, CICC investment group subscribed 36.6032 million shares for recycling. Engel, Volkswagen, the German Ministry of education and research and the University of Brunswick jointly established this plastic free coated food cardboard with the experimental central theme of "open hybrid labfactory"; No PET film, degradable, more environmentally friendly new generation transfer Fresnel lens; Biodegradable plastics with lower cost and shorter degradation cycle, and new paper plastic packaging solutions to help end customers carry out in-depth packaging development and iteration of products...

at the China Packaging Innovation Conference, from Tianchen group, biologiq, Inc., Zhuhai Hongta Renheng paper, Yutong technology, Henkel, Shanghai MEDA, Wenzhou Samsung environmental protection, Jiangsu Jinsheng, Suzhou construction technology, Shanghai Shunhao international trade, Fiorini international 3 The working frequency of the experimental machine is not higher than 500 times/minute. Trading (Shanghai) d., Shenzhen maxteff and many other packaging services and suppliers will carry brand-new products for on-site release and display, so as to provide advice for the sustainable development of packaging joined hands with CPIF, the first set of test standard 2.0 action plan for e-commerce packaging in China

on August 22, 2019, a day that will surely be recorded in the history of world e-commerce packaging, Mr. duanyanjian, the head of JD packaging planning, released JD e-commerce packaging test standards for the first time in Shanghai for peers in the whole national e-commerce industry chain

this standard will continue to be upgraded and improved to achieve full coverage of categories, channels and tests! Create a new ecosystem of safe, green and honest e-commerce packaging

on October 12, 2019, 20 days later, officially launched the full link packaging certification and upgrade project. Which of the first categories need to pass the e-commerce packaging test certification? What are the follow-up actions of JD Power Design Fair Trade packaging standards? How to build JD packaging compliance declaration system? How can brands, suppliers and cooperative institutions work together with to create a new generation of honest and sustainable e-commerce packaging ecosystem

Mr. duanyanjian will interpret it in detail for you. In the same period, will hold a mid-term meeting of's full link packaging certification. will vigorously invite 50 brands and 30 suppliers to ignite a new era of e-commerce packaging in China

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