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Shounuo EVA packaging film is put into production in China. A new vistasolar film

shounuo company announced recently that it officially launched its new vistasolar ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) packaging film production center in Suzhou, China. Recently, the center has passed a number of landmark tests. The commercial production of asolareva packaging adhesive film, which is likely to be folded in half or broken into several sections by vist for solar modules, has been fully pressed into the surface of the pattern with the specified experimental force (f)

shounuo is the leader of the European EVA packaging film market and the first global supplier to establish an EVA packaging film production center in China. At present, China's solar module production has accounted for more than half of the global module installation. The new production center will further consolidate the industrial position of shounuo in supplying solar cell packaging film for China's photovoltaic market. In addition, shounuo also has packaging material production bases in Germany, Belgium, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and other countries

"the industry requires reducing the cost per kilowatt hour of solar power." Said christopherreed, global photovoltaic business director of shounuo. "Through direct investment in the Chinese market, we have greatly improved the level of customer service, helped them achieve the two most important goals at present - to improve fuel efficiency, and helped Chinese module manufacturers effectively reduce the total production cost. Graphene can enhance the special performance of multiple product attributes at the same time." This is the first EVA packaging film production line built by shounuo since its acquisition of Germany etimexsolar company. It is located in shoufuxin polyvinyl butyral (PVB) intermediate film production base in Suzhou, China. At present, shounuo is still the only company in the world that can comprehensively provide EVA, PVB and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) photovoltaic module packaging adhesive film and technical solutions

"vistasolar has been a leading brand in the EVA packaging film industry since 1980. With mature, stable and high-quality formulas and finished products, we hope to expand globally on the basis of establishing a leading position in Europe." Timwessel, President and general manager of shounuo senior intermediate membrane department, said. "In the world's largest solar market, vistasolareva packaging film is the most widely recognized and trusted brand, which helps to improve the cost performance of solar photovoltaic modules."

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