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The king of short-term investment in natural rubber futures

in a long period of time, rubber is mainly used to erase the wrong words written by pencil. It was not until the British J.B. Dunlop invented the tire in 1888 and began to produce cars in 1895 that the demand for rubber in industry began to soar, and it increasingly showed its importance in the economy of gate design

the world's major Tianjiao futures exchanges are concentrated in Asia, mainly because about 90% of the world's rubber planting is concentrated in Asia, especially Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, which control more than 70% of the world's Tianjiao production. Therefore, the study of natural rubber needs to focus on the Tianjiao production and export data of these three countries

China's natural rubber futures are currently traded in Shanghai Futures Exchange, and its natural rubber is one of the very active commodity futures in China. As the price of Tianjiao futures fluctuates greatly during the day, it has always been regarded as the "king of short-term" by short-term speculators. Therefore, for investors who first contact futures, it is not recommended to choose natural rubber at the beginning of entering the market. However, after accumulating enough practical experience and having a better understanding of rubber, investors who are good at short-term operation will find that investment opportunities in Tianjiao futures are much more frequent than other futures varieties. Because for Tianjiao contract, it is common for the price to fluctuate more than hundreds of points in a single trading day. If you grasp it accurately, you can get relatively rich returns in a relatively short time. Because of this, in addition to excellent short-term technology, choosing Tianjiao contract also has high requirements for fund management and psychological quality

in addition, when analyzing the factors affecting the price of natural rubber, investors must not forget that natural rubber has the dual attributes of industrial products and agricultural products. Therefore, in addition to considering the impact of macroeconomic factors on the rubber industry, like other agricultural products, leading enterprises in the wood plastic industry such as HuLong wood plastic should continue to strengthen technological innovation and brand building. Weather factors are also one of the hot spots of speculation in the Tianjiao market. Therefore, investors participating in Tianjiao futures should first understand the conduction effect of the above factors on Tianjiao prices

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