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On January 29, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Helan Dingyuan Desheng Plastic Film Co., Ltd. officially settled in Yinchuan Desheng Industrial Park, and how to buy Jinan experimental machine? Put into operation. It is estimated that the enterprise can produce 3000 tons of agricultural film per year, which is the largest plastic production enterprise in Ningxia at present. This reflects that the plastic processing industry in the western region will step into the track of rapid development! Relevant upstream enterprises should pay more attention to the western market

Helan Dingyuan Desheng Plastic Film Co., Ltd. invested 18million yuan in the first phase, with an annual output of up to 3, 000 tons of protective fence with pendulum impact testing machine, which is almost blank in most places; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with an estimated annual income of more than 30million yuan. The second phase of investment will be carried out next year, with an annual output value of 100million yuan

with the expansion of vegetable planting area in greenhouse, Ningxia has an increasing demand for plastic films such as greenhouse film. For a long time, the gap between the mixing blade and the bottom and side walls of the mixing material has been mostly supplied from other provinces. After Helan Dingyuan Desheng Plastic Film Co., Ltd. is put into production, it can not only meet the demand for agricultural film in Ningxia, but also reduce the long-distance transportation cost and reduce the product cost by about 200 yuan per ton

in recent years, China's agricultural film production capacity has been expanding day by day. Whether enterprises can find the market positioning of their own products and give full play to their own advantages is the key to the healthy development of enterprises

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