The hottest agricultural film production capacity

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The agricultural film production capacity will exceed 4.5 million tons, and LLDPE will usher in an opportunity to rise.

. At present, the result of the national test is that the effective capacity of agricultural film is more than 4.5 million tons, the total demand is only 2.2 million tons/year, and the excess capacity is more than twice, while LLDPE is expected to usher in a strong rise

it is understood that the operating rate of agricultural film plants in North China and East China has been relatively good recently, maintaining an operating rate of more than 80%, and the order volume is relatively optimistic. Agricultural film manufacturers in Heilongjiang, Xinjiang and other regions have also started production one after another, so the consumption of LLDPE in the agricultural film market will still show an increasing trend in December

in recent years, the agricultural film industry has developed rapidly. From the perspective of short cycle, the downstream consumption is still expected to have a short-term consumption climax in December. From the demand side, in recent years, the downstream consumption with packaging agricultural film as the main body has been relatively flat for a long time. Seasonal demand for agricultural film will still play an important role in supporting the market. The annual compound growth rate from 2014 to 2020 is expected to be 7.2%

in this case, when the agricultural film market is good, the enterprise will increase the operation rate of the device, increase the market supply and suppress the downward price; When demand shrinks, enterprises have to passively reduce the operating rate to minimize losses. This is also the root cause of the increase in losses of agricultural film enterprises in good times and bad times for many years

lldpe's film markets, such as production bags, garbage bags, elastic packaging, industrial liners, towel liners and shopping bags, all take advantage of this resin after improving its strength and toughness. Transparent films, such as bread bags, have been dominated by LDPE because of its better turbidity. However, the blends of LLDPE and LDPE will improve the strength

technically, the price of 1405 contract is expected to hit the target level of 11560 yuan/ton. Since December, important international and domestic festivals have come one after another. The export and domestic consumption of LLDPE products will reach a peak without oil leakage. The start of packaging film is expected to become an important driving force for the strong rise of LLDPE futures price

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