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Agricultural machinery enterprises will implement the three national emission standards step by step. China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association recently announced that according to the Announcement No. 5 of the Ministry of environmental protection in 2016, agricultural machinery enterprises will implement the third stage of the non road standard step by step. Since october1,2015, the pollutant emission of all diesel engines for non road mobile machinery manufactured and sold must meet the requirements of phase III of this standard. Since april1,2016, agricultural machinery engine enterprises can only digest inventory and cannot reproduce new products of the second national standard; From december1,2016, all agricultural machinery manufactured, imported and sold will be subject to the national three standards

Chenzhi, President of China Association of agricultural machinery industry, said that the Announcement No. 5 of the Ministry of environmental protection combined with the actual situation, the "national three" step-by-step upgrading of agricultural machinery emission standards is conducive to the agricultural machinery enterprises to digest the existing national two standard product inventory, and provide sufficient time for the technical upgrading of agricultural machinery enterprises

the sales of agricultural machinery products have seasonal characteristics, so it is necessary to provide a transition period for agricultural machinery enterprises to digest the existing second national standard inventory products. It is estimated that the inventory of the second national standard agricultural machinery is about 300000 to 350000 sets. In the previous policy, the "digestion period" of half a year's inventory that was not printed in the parameter report that agricultural machinery enterprises did not fill in was from October 1, 2015 to April 1, 2016. This period was just the off-season for the sales of agricultural machinery industry, and it was difficult to achieve full sales of inventory. Step by step implementation can provide enterprises with 8 months to digest inventory

upgrading agricultural machinery emissions to the national three standards is a systematic upgrade of agricultural machinery R & D technology, involving not only engine manufacturers, but also host manufacturers. For large agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises such as China first tractor, Zoomlion Heavy Industries, FAW Xichai, etc., the technical reserves of agricultural machinery in the third country are sufficient. However, before the agricultural machinery products are put on the market, they need to undergo a large number of applicability, the best feeling reliability and safety tests and field operation tests to reduce the failure rate and reduce the operation losses of farmers. In addition, the upstream and downstream enterprises of the agricultural machinery industry chain need to fully communicate and cooperate, such as upgrading oil quality and strengthening after-sales maintenance services

the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery plays an important guiding role. In the transitional period, how to do a good job in connecting the subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery between the second and third national standards is still a common concern of agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises and farmers. Wangjinsong, chairman of tianzihe farmers' Professional Cooperative in Dali Village, Yangdian Township, Feidong County, Anhui Province, said that they are more concerned about whether the price of agricultural machinery under the national three standards is reasonable, whether the product quality is reliable, whether it meets the requirements of environmental protection, and whether the state has issued incentive policies. Kouhaifeng, head of marketing department of China YITUO Group Co., Ltd., believes that subsidies should be appropriately increased to encourage farmers to buy national three standard agricultural machinery; At the same time, we will introduce supporting measures under the same rigidity, vigorously rectify the agricultural machinery market, strengthen industrial supervision, create a fair competitive environment, and prevent low-cost vicious competition from affecting the whole mouse operation of the industry; Body transformation and upgrading

"at present, there are many agricultural machinery enterprises in China, and the problem of overcapacity is prominent. The agricultural machinery industry should fully grasp the opportunity of the upgrading of agricultural machinery emission standards, reduce excess capacity, adjust industrial structure, promote technological progress, improve marketing service capacity, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading." Chen Zhi said

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