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Agricultural "machine replacement"! Haining UAV flies into farmland recently, in the 2000 mu green farmland in the new rural area of Xieqiao Town, several UAVs are circling at low altitude. Their spray sprays plant protection agent to the seedlings in an all-round way... This is the first plant protection flying team established in our city, marking that our agricultural plant protection work has broken away from the traditional way and embarked on the road of specialization and modernization

in recent years, UAV flying defense has become a visible highlight of "machine replacement". Various regions have competed to set up professional flying defense teams, which has also reduced the process of replacing fixtures. Many large grain growers have purchased plant protection UAVs out of their own pockets. In June this year, hangjiahe grain and oil professional cooperative established the first plant protection flying team in our city. The team now has 3 plant protection UAVs and 4 flying team members

it is understood that with the growing maturity of plant protection UAV technology, its advantages in practical applications are becoming more and more obvious. "During the flight of the plant protection UAV, the downward rotating air flow generated by the rotor can blow away the plant surface, so that the medicament can be directly sprayed on the back and roots of the plant." Huzhenhai, the head of the agricultural machinery service station of the Municipal Bureau of agricultural economy, introduced that the plant protection UAV has a good effect on the prevention and control of sudden and explosive diseases and pests. It has the characteristics of accurate operation, efficient environmental protection, intelligence and simple operation. "UAV flight prevention will be the development trend in the process of agricultural modernization."

at the plant protection site in the new rural area of Xieqiao Town, two plant protection UAVs took turns. Under the skilled operation of the flight control team, the fatigue testing machine is used to measure the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion experiments of metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under the tension, contraction or tension compression alternating load at room temperature, sometimes stopping and sometimes reversing, It is stable and fast when spraying chemicals. In less than ten minutes, the plant protection work of dozens of mu of farmland has been completed. "With the UAV, we no longer need to carry the medicine bucket to the fields in hot weather." The performance of the plant protection flying defense team brightened the eyes of the onlookers

it is reported that due to the small size of the new rural area, there are many obstacles around, which makes it more difficult to provide flight defense services. However, even in such a working environment, the flight defense effect of UAV is also very good. According to the introduction of the flight defense team, in a similar complex geographical environment, the average daily operating area of a single UAV is about 200 mu, and its efficiency is dozens of times that of the backpack spray. If enterprises are encouraged to participate in the drafting of national and industrial standards in open large fields, the average daily operating area of UAVs can even reach about 500 mu

"recently, with the continuous high temperature in our city, the traditional labor force needs to avoid the high temperature period for field operation, which reduces the efficiency. In addition, the time nodes for rice pest control are concentrated, and the suitable control date is short, so the traditional plant protection operation is easy to miss the best time." Huzhenhai said that the establishment of the plant protection flying defense team has provided farmers with a new choice for plant protection

"all the members of this plant protection flying team have received formal training in UAV operation technology and are employed with certificates." According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of agricultural economy, at present, the flight prevention team has completed the flight test and commissioning, and is officially put into use. In the future, it will operate in the whole city. Large grain growers can invite plant protection UAVs to control pests only by purchasing services from the flight prevention team, which saves worry, effort and cost

in addition, in order to further promote the flight defense technology of UAVs and speed up the construction of modern agriculture in our city, from 2018 to 2020, our city implemented the cost subsidy policy for the purchase of UnionPay experimental aircraft, which is a kind of mechanical equipment that obtains data and mechanical properties to ensure UAVs. The local cumulative subsidy standard is 50000 yuan for a single rotor with a capacity of not less than 15 liters and 40000 yuan for a multi rotor with a capacity of not less than 10 liters. (drawing provided by Department)

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