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Zhejiang: Agricultural Machinery supplement 6. The metal handwheel rim and control handle should be polished and plated with anti rust layer. The paste should be spent on the blade

at the moment when spring cultivation is preparing for cultivation, many farmers are busy purchasing agricultural machinery. In order to ensure the interests of farmers, the Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery recently notified a number of illegal cases of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies investigated and dealt with in 2016, suspended the subsidy qualifications of three agricultural machinery production enterprises, and dealt with the other 21 enterprises accordingly

"the No. 1 central document of the Central Committee proposed that in order to improve the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, the agricultural machinery department must severely crack down on illegal subsidies." Wangtiangong, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery, said that in order to spend every yuan of agricultural machinery subsidies on the cutting edge, these illegal enterprises must be seriously investigated and punished

in recent years, the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery in our province has become more and more perfect and reasonable, and has become an important driving force to speed up the "machine replacement" of agriculture, However, at the same time, some enterprises and dealers used the subsidy policy to make profits in violation of the cathode materials in the new energy automobile industry chain: new normal rules for cathode materials, which was recently released by Fortune Securities. Wang Tiangong cited an example: at the end of 2016, Yancheng Collis Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. applied for a model product subsidy item in the "Zhejiang agricultural machinery purchase subsidy product independent filing system" The "straw crushing and returning machine" has a working width of 2.4m. After investigation by the agricultural machinery department, it was found that the actual operating width of this type of product was 2.15m, 2.35m and 2.4m, and the plastic packaging was widely used, which was inconsistent with the provisions of the subsidized products requiring stereotyped products, and this type of product was not much different from the ordinary rotary cultivator, involving major violations by tabloid reporting. Therefore, on january4,2017, the provincial agricultural machinery department suspended the subsidy qualification of all products of the enterprise in our province

in 2016, there were 3 enterprises whose subsidy qualification was suspended due to violation of regulations. In addition to the above situation of "tabloid reporting", there were also enterprises whose subsidy qualification was suspended due to illegal promotion. In 2016, Heze Tianyi Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Shandong Province sold agricultural machinery products to farmers at a disguised low price in the form of "installment payment". Farmers actually paid only 1000 yuan, or even did not pay. This behavior involves illegal promotion and abnormally high subsidy ratio. After investigation and verification, the company's qualification for agricultural machinery subsidies in our province was also suspended

"these enterprises are all enterprises outside the province. At present, agricultural machinery enterprises in the province have no record of violations." Wangtiangong introduced that our province has always been strict in the implementation of agricultural machinery subsidy policies, and has made great efforts to investigate and deal with illegal enterprises

"there are different reasons for enterprises' violations, and the provincial capital will deal with the severity and social harm of the violations accordingly. If the violations are caused by the deviation in the understanding of the subsidy policy of our province, they are allowed to recover the subsidy qualification of the products after the specified suspension period." Wangtiangong told that those enterprises that maliciously defraud subsidies will be disqualified from subsidies once verified, and the enterprises and legal representatives will be included in the negative list of enterprises. If they violate the criminal law, they will be transferred to the judicial organs for criminal investigation according to law

in addition, the provincial agricultural machinery department also gave early warning to 21 other agricultural machinery production enterprises. "Standardizing the subsidy behavior for machine purchase will help all regions prepare for spring cultivation in 2017 and promote the improvement of Agricultural Mechanization in our province." Wangtiangong said that at present, the local agricultural machinery departments are further strictly implementing the agricultural machinery subsidy policy, putting an end to the phenomenon of fraud and compensation, and preventing fake and inferior products from entering the market

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