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Agricultural Machinery Management in Germany

(1) agricultural machinery appraisal. Germany attaches great importance to the identification of agricultural machinery products to ensure the quality of agricultural machinery products. The Federal Republic of Germany agricultural machinery test and appraisal station is a semi official professional testing institution. Products that pass the test of the appraisal station will be issued with a certificate of conformity, which will be pasted on the agricultural machinery. German farmers are used to buying qualified agricultural machinery. According to the German agricultural machinery law, the tractor cab must be subject to safety test and appraisal to ensure the safety of farmers' operation

(2) agricultural machinery sales. In order to expand the sales points, many manufacturers have more than one sales point at home and abroad. In addition to selling agricultural machines and tools, these sales points also supply parts, carry out maintenance business, conduct market research and market forecast, serve users and feed back user needs. The government stipulates that the agricultural machinery manufacturer shall pull out the pulling plate of the machine head by about 2cm, and the manufacturer must ensure that the agricultural machinery products of the factory have sufficient parts supply, and the output value ratio of the whole machine and parts is roughly 100:22. Agricultural machinery manufacturers also use different prices to attract farmers to buy agricultural machinery, such as cash payment of preferential prices, credit sales prices, installment prices and winter slack season purchase prices

(3) agricultural machinery management. The management of agricultural machinery in Germany is very standardized. Tractors and large agricultural machines and tools (including plant protection machinery) are subject to license management, which is implemented by the competent agricultural department and reviewed every two years. Farmers are known as "green license" (green on white background). They can find many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export, and they can rely on the company's strength to produce persimmon shrimp dumplings? nbsp;

(4) agricultural machinery operation service organization. Germany supports the development of the agricultural machinery cooperation organization. About one friction and wear experimental machine has been developed. Half of the farmers have participated in the activities of common use of agricultural machinery. Farmers voluntarily participate in agricultural machinery cooperative organizations, and the government gives support to agricultural machinery cooperative organizations: first, farmers are given financial subsidies and enjoy preferential treatment such as low interest loans for the cooperative purchase of large agricultural machinery; Second, provide necessary office facilities for cooperative organizations, such as computer equipment; Third, train the principals of cooperative organizations to improve their organizational service ability; The fourth is to implement the fuel tax rebate policy for the oil used in agricultural machinery operations, so as to reduce the expenses of farmers using agricultural machinery operations. The cooperation and sharing of agricultural machinery has created conditions for the continuous progress of agricultural machinery technology, solved the mechanization problem of inorganic farmers, greatly improved the use efficiency of machines and tools of organic farmers, and solved the connection problem between agricultural products and the market. There are also many social organizations in Germany, such as agricultural technology and Rural Construction Committee, agricultural association, agricultural construction bureau, agricultural advisory service department, information service department, etc. these organizations are all over the country; It can transmit the information of new agricultural machinery products, introduce the use methods of new machines and tools, conduct on-site demonstrations, hold short-term training courses on agricultural machinery technology, publish business newsletters, etc. at the fastest speed. These organizations have greatly promoted the development of agricultural machinery research and production, and are more conducive to new agricultural machinery products. 5. One or more points of spring can be automatically tested; In addition, it can preset standard values and timely communicate new technologies of upper and lower deviations. (end)

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