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In 2016, China's agricultural machinery market has been on the eve of industrial reform. The adjustment of agricultural machinery subsidy policy, the upgrading of national 3 emissions, the supply side reform of the national economic structure, the promotion of large-scale industrialized operation in rural areas, the cancellation of the temporary storage policy for corn, the acceleration of the pilot pace of "grain to feed" and many other policies affecting the domestic agricultural machinery market have been issued one after another, pushing China's agricultural machinery market to the wind of change

2017 saw the chain reaction of extreme braking in the rapidly developing agricultural machinery market. Among them, the tractor market dropped precipitously, the wheat machine market fell by more than 40%, and the corn machine market, except for the hot pre-sales of sporadic manufacturers, the overall market will still decline by more than 30%, so the market situation is very serious. However, hopes and difficulties coexist, and the market segments with low level of agricultural mechanization, such as rice transplanters, dryers, hilly and mountainous areas and cash crop harvesters, have achieved growth to varying degrees. Although the growth of some market segments has slightly warmed many enterprises in the cold winter of the market, compared with the larger mainstream agricultural machinery industry, more agricultural machinery enterprises are in an extremely difficult transition period

how to survive this difficult transition period has become the key to the survival of many agricultural machinery enterprises. Through the investigation and exploration of some first-line agricultural machinery enterprises, five prescriptions have been specially issued, and five blessing cards have been made accordingly, which will be put into use at the 2017 Wuhan International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition to attract industry users to pray for the agricultural machinery industry in the form of blessing cards. We pray that aspiring agricultural machinery enterprises will "face five blessings" and tide over the difficulties smoothly. We wish that China's agricultural machinery market will return to the right track as soon as possible and accelerate its progress

intelligent manufacturing is the latest form of advanced manufacturing development, a new direction and trend of China's manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, and plays an important role in made in China 2025. At present, the state has positioned deepening the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection as the entry point and focus of the coordinated promotion of "made in China 2025" and "interconnection +" actions, and vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry to "intelligent manufacturing"

as an important part of China's manufacturing industry, China's agricultural machinery industry should accelerate in the field of intelligent manufacturing with the help of the national policy background. At present, many large-scale agricultural machinery enterprises in China continue to make efforts in the field of intelligent manufacturing, strive to overtake at the corner as soon as possible, and rank among the international mainstream high-end agricultural machinery

as the birthplace of the first tractor and the first military off-road truck in New China, China Yituo is a well deserved "eldest son of the Republic" in the field of agricultural machinery in China. In june2016, China YITUO Group Co., Ltd. became a national pilot for the integration of "two modernizations". This is due to the fact that in recent years, YITUO Group Co., Ltd. has continuously strengthened the application of information technology, integrated information technology and Internet, changed manufacturing into "smart manufacturing", actively built smart factories, and raised a banner for the development of "smart manufacturing" enterprises in the field of agricultural machinery in China

at present, China Yituo has established the MES system for large wheeled tractors, which has realized the production line management, production and operation management, such as chassis sub assembly, chassis anti rust painting, sub assembly and general assembly of large wheeled tractors. Nowadays, managers have established a transparent production site through visual management tools, and can monitor the operation of the production line in real time. In case of abnormal conditions, they can timely solve production problems through signal reminders, and can timely adjust production resources to reduce the accumulation of parts, thus realizing visual and lean production, and effectively improving the digital manufacturing capacity of the assembly line

China's high-end products in the field of agricultural mechanization have been monopolized by foreign brands for a long time. Domestic agricultural machinery products can only compete in the middle and low-end market, and a large amount of profits have also been seized by foreign brands. However, with the gradual saturation of the domestic mainstream agricultural machinery market and the higher product demands of users, the middle and low-end market has suffered a sharp decline, and many agricultural machinery enterprises are in trouble. "There is no backward production capacity, only backward technology". Only by strengthening product innovation ability and producing high-tech, high added value or characteristic products that meet the needs of regional users, can new development be achieved in the market adjustment period

in may 2017, Premier Li Keqiang boarded Zoomlion pl2304 high-power tractor at Zoomlion high-end agricultural equipment manufacturing base and learned about the product in detail. The pl2304 high-power tractor is independently developed by Zoomlion and has dozens of patented technologies. It is a brand-new product synchronized with global technology. Since its launch in Heilongjiang, Xinjiang and other markets last year, the product has been welcomed by users because of its advanced performance and high reliability. With the rise of high-end brands in the fields of, home appliances, engineering machinery and automobiles, agricultural machinery has the potential to become the next breakthrough

at present, the comprehensive mechanization level of main crops in plain areas in China has exceeded 70%, while the agricultural mechanization level in hilly areas in the south is low, and most of the crop mechanization technologies are in the stage of improvement and maturation or demonstration and popularization. In 11 southern provinces such as Hunan, Zhejiang and Yunnan, hilly and mountainous areas account for more than 60% of cultivated land, so the southern region has become a "depression" for the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China. Production mechanization in Hilly and mountainous areas in South China is not only the next "blue ocean" for the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China, but also a strategic choice to ensure the supply of large grain and oil products such as rice, rape and sugarcane. Therefore, innovative agricultural machinery products in Hilly and mountainous areas will be a new direction for the transformation of some small and medium-sized agricultural machinery enterprises. Some agricultural machinery markets of economic crops such as onion, ginger and garlic have also emerged in China, and the regional market is in short supply

ingenuity creates a century old enterprise spirit Premier Li Keqiang once proposed in the government work report that "enterprises should be encouraged to carry out personalized customization and flexible production, and cultivate the craftsman spirit of excellence". The word "craftsman spirit" quickly became popular and became a hot word in various industries. "Craftsman spirit" refers to the spiritual concept of craftsmen to make their products more refined and more perfect. The essence of this concept is to pursue a kind of "Craftsmanship"

China's agricultural machinery industry started late, but the market has developed rapidly. Under the urging of the agricultural machinery subsidy policy, the earlier domestic agricultural machinery market paid more attention to subsidies and prices, and did not care about product quality. However, with the continuous improvement of the mechanization level of major domestic crops and the gradual adjustment of subsidy policies, users' choice of agricultural machinery products is not only concerned about the price factor, and quality reliability has become the core element for more users to choose agricultural machinery products

it is the enduring secret of many hundred year old enterprises to be dedicated and dedicated to making and refining leading products. Throughout the world, there are 21000 enterprises in Japan, 1100 in the United States, more than 800 in Germany, and only more than 10 in China. The number of agricultural machinery industry, which started late, is 0. Although China's agricultural machinery industry has not had a century old enterprise for the time being, the national agricultural machinery enterprises represented by brave machinery, which gather all their energy and concentrate on making good products, can also be regarded as representatives of the craftsman spirit

"one family, two generations of entrepreneurship, three products, five changes in name, six changes in site", this sentence basically summarizes the development history of brave machinery. At the same time, it is also a true portrayal of the gradual development and growth of brave corn machinery in the market, which embodies the spirit of ingenuity. For more than 20 years, brave machinery has gone from the arduous pioneer and founder of corn machinery to the leader of corn machinery in the Northeast golden corn belt, proving the success of brave machinery with its "spirit of ingenuity"

stick to Fu and strengthen the belief in the development of domestic agricultural mechanization

as mentioned at the beginning, in 2017, the rapidly developing agricultural machinery market ushered in a chain reaction of extreme braking. According to our research on the market personnel of many agricultural machinery enterprises, the domestic agricultural machinery market declined seriously in 2017, among which the dry land agricultural machinery products represented by tractors, wheat harvesters and corn harvesters suffered a steep decline. From front-line users to dealers to agricultural machinery enterprises, they are quite panicked in the face of the sad agricultural machinery market

however, if necessary, we should also be soberly aware that problems are problems in development and difficulties are difficulties in progress. The industry in the period of market reform will not only welcome the negative effects of disorderly market competition, industry reshuffle and the disappearance of most brands, but also promote the development of the industry to a higher stage

in such a market environment, only those who have truly experienced the storm can usher in a prosperous era. This kind of persistence is not a blind death, but a belief and a response. Chenzhi, President of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, said that the market of the agricultural machinery industry in the past 10 years is not a complete market economy, and the current adjustment period is not a "new normal", but just a recovery of the market under the market economy. It is this kind of market outlook that gives us the opportunity for enterprises that are really committed to making a difference in this industry to stick to it. Throughout the development history of each industry, no industry will be smooth sailing. In the wave of change, it is those enterprises that stick to the industry and calmly respond that can survive and become outstanding when the industry recovers. Stick to it and never forget your original intention

Ruyi Fu corrects user service attitude

Ruyi Ruyi, as I like, is a traditional mascot of the Chinese nation. We joined Ruyi Fu in this event in the hope that enterprises and dealers in the agricultural machinery industry can provide Ruyi services for front-line users

if we take ten years as a cycle, for the agricultural machinery industry from 2004 to 2015, plastic film, rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials are an era of money grabbing. In the "golden decade", enterprises that have a keen sense of smell and are good at seizing opportunities, can accurately keep up with the pace of the subsidy policy, and even are good at taking advantage of the loopholes in the subsidy policy have made money. However, the sky will not always drop pie. If we blindly rely on policy and luck, there will be a trap behind the pie in the sky. In short, it is becoming more and more difficult for the agricultural machinery industry to make money by relying on subsidy policies and opportunities. Enterprises must shift from opportunistic orientation to user orientation. For users, in addition to the quality and reliability of products, the service level of enterprises is also one of the leading factors for users to choose products

in recent years, domestic agricultural machinery enterprises have gradually begun to pay attention to the user's after-sales service level, constantly optimizing and proposing a higher after-sales service mode, which has laid a good foundation for their own product word-of-mouth communication. As more and more enterprises use the CRM system of agricultural machinery general station, they can also provide good and timely services for users' pre-sales network consultation behavior, which increases users' good impression on the brand and improves their purchase intention

five blessings are close to the door, and the future of China's agricultural machinery market can be expected.

collecting seven dragon balls can summon the dragon. Although collecting five blessings can not summon anything, it is a clever plan for agricultural machinery enterprises to tide over the industry reform period, and it also implies the industry

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