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Agribotix and sensefly announce agricultural UAV and data processing solutions

agribotix and sensefly announce agricultural UAV and data processing solutions

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agribotix and sensefly cooperate to provide new joint agricultural UAV and data processing solutions for professional users

combining sensefly's ebee UAV with sensor and agricultural data processing technology will make the collection and analysis of aviation data more simple and effective

by adopting ebee sq as its new fixed wing UAV platform, agribotix shows that it has been committed to purchasing high-quality hardware to be bundled with its 100% agricultural data processing cloud solution farmlens SaaS platform. Ebee sq is built around parrot's Sequoia sensor. It has a multi spectral sensor, which can capture the calibration data of four highly different spectral bands (near infrared, red edge, red and green) and RGB images in one flight

the farmlens professional subscription bundled with ebee sq enables users to perform a complete crop reconnaissance workflow on site: high-efficiency flights must be magnified to reach the required large value line area, capture live ground images, take notes, and share detailed information about fault points with on-site farmers. Farmlens users do not need to be data processing experts to gain valuable insights about crop conditions

ebee sq and farmlens' integrated solutions are ideal for those seeking simple and powerful 100% agricultural solutions, said Lou Faust, CEO of agribotix. After evaluating the currently available fixed wing options, there is no doubt that ebee sq is the most easy-to-use remote UAV intelligent electronic tensile testing machine in the market. The design integrates the control technology and shape design of advanced experimental equipment. It also has the best agricultural sensor in its class. Farmlens works closely with Bristol University and many other universities around the world in the background. It returns high-quality data through the agribotix digital scout report, enabling farmers to make time critical adjustments

we are happy to work with agribotix to pair ebee sq with farmlens. Jean Christophe zufferey, CEO of sensefly, corrected the data. This partnership creates an easy-to-use, professional end-to-end solution

after purchasing the combined solution, customers will be able to obtain comprehensive professional hardware support through sensefly's existing expert distribution partner network

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