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In 2016, Yadan's multiple positive policies gathered momentum, and the investment promotion activities achieved fruitful results. The investment promotion results in the first quarter exceeded expectations, reaching a new high and achieving gratifying results

in 2016, Yadan's multiple positive policies gathered momentum and made fruitful achievements in investment promotion activities. The investment promotion results in the first quarter exceeded expectations, reaching a new high and achieving gratifying results

favorable policies, free investment promotion

since this year, our company has put forward the investment promotion slogan of "taking genuine classics and free genuine money", making profits at the peak and joining for free. It is understood that the majority of investors in third and fourth tier cities such as Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Liaoning, Guangxi, Hubei, Gansu, Henan, Jilin and Shaanxi are signing the contract. Our company has made great strides into the third and fourth tier markets, radiating the brand to every region. The free franchise investment policy undoubtedly provides a great opportunity for franchisees

In 2016, our company successively released a series of new products, such as Paris spring, haves, Turin time, Fei ink, etc., which injected more popular elements, reaching a new height in design, hardware accessories, color matching, and a number of smart new products also made a magnificent debut. Speak with products, adhere to product innovation, see the line of quality, be perfect, keep improving, and create a high-quality brand image of Yadan, which brightens the eyes of prospective customers and greatly improves the efficiency of joining

brand upgrading, attracting merchants with business

in March, our company participated in the Shanghai Construction Expo in full dress, and then made a gorgeous appearance at the Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition. The two exhibitions in January are a display of brand strength, expanding our brand popularity and enhancing our brand reputation. During the exhibition, tens of millions of vouchers were given away free of charge, with unlimited business opportunities, attracting merchants

in 2016, we will take real classics, free real money, join for free, provide full policy support, and join in one-stop escort. In the future, in these franchise areas, Yadan wardrobe will provide more consumers with one-stop convenience of whole house customization, and bring environmental protection and health to more families





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