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[] many decorators say that the whole decoration process is a battle of wits and courage between the owner and the decoration company, and this process should start when you get the quotation of the decoration company. Previous visits to model houses and material displays were all false, and only the quotation in front of us was real

reviewing the decoration quotation is the first round of competition with the decoration company, which is a key step. There are more or less problems in the quotation of the decoration company, www.jiazhuang6 If you can see through the fishiness, you can not only save a lot of expenses and correct the mistakes of the decoration company, but also make the decoration company dare not look down on you and dare not play tricks easily in the future construction. Www. 68mn

let's take the itemized quotation that is most used by decoration companies as an example. Itemized quotation is to classify all construction items in a room into items according to the room, and each item shall be marked with the name, unit (meter, square meter), quantity (work quantity), unit price (unit price of main materials, unit price of auxiliary materials, unit price of labor), total cost of the item, material and process description (indicating material grade, specification, loss, construction method, etc.). A detailed quotation for home decoration construction can reflect the name and specification of decoration materials, material prices, labor costs, losses, and technical requirements of construction specifications. The price of the whole decoration process is evaluated in advance for the convenience of timely adjustment by the owner

this kind of quotation should be easy to understand. The owner of the first decoration can also read it quickly. If you sit in the right seat, you can have a quick understanding of what needs to be done in each room and how not to do it. But it is such a budget table that decoration companies can still play a lot of tricks. Here are some common tricks in the decoration budget table we sorted out

◆ the name and specification of the material are unknown

there are two situations: the first is to write nothing at all, only the project. As for the material used, there is no explanation, so stay there and wait for you to fill in the blank

the second is to write vague words, such as * * brand polyester paint and * * brand aluminum gusset plate, without further explanation. The materials of the same brand can be divided into many models and specifications. A paint brand with a complete product line should have many series of polyester paint, including high, middle and low grades. There are three kinds of aluminum gusset plates of the same brand: spraying, roller coating and film coating, and the prices vary widely among different varieties. Be sure to specify the specific information of the material. If there is a brand and model, the specific model should be indicated, such as Anyang D300 indoor door. Some materials that really cannot specify the brand and model should specify the specific specifications and materials, such as 3× 4cm fir keel

in the second case, there is also a situation of confusion. For example, when making cabinets, the cabinet board does not specify the specific brand, but uses E1 grade instead. E1 is only a standard for formaldehyde emission. How can it be expressed? Similar examples also use AAA grade to represent woodworking board

there are only two purposes for the decoration company to do so. One is to replace inferior materials with fake and inferior materials. The other is that once the customer finds that the material used is not the kind of material he imagined and asks for replacement, the decoration company will turn over. They can say that according to the original quotation, this level of material is used. If you want to replace higher-level materials, you can, but you need to add money. Because the original budget table has no basis to follow, even if you find the decoration company theory, it will not have any effect




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