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Bangyuan · famous craftsman once again appeared in the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized home exhibition with new products, No. 1b05 bangyuan? The famous craftsman booth was crowded with many interested buyers in bangyuan? Visit and negotiate the famous craftsman booth

bangyuan · famous craftsman once again appeared in the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized home exhibition with new products, focusing on bangyuan for 12 years? After technical precipitation and unique artistic style, famous craftsman customized furniture has developed a number of series of products, including customized furniture products for the whole house. The latest new products pay more attention to the concept of "limited space, unlimited creativity" in the home space, and achieve comprehensive innovation in the aspects of exhibition hall design creativity, venue activity planning, new product series display, brand image communication and so on. 1b05 bangyuan? The famous craftsman booth was crowded with many interested buyers in bangyuan? The famous craftsman booth was visited and discussed, and a large number of interested customers went to the company's Foshan headquarters to further investigate the company in an all-round way

the design of the exhibition hall is magnificent, and the new VI has been successfully upgraded

with the further improvement of the brand influence and reputation of bangyuan · famous craftsman customized furniture, the slogan has been successfully upgraded to "limited space, unlimited creativity", paying more attention to space creativity, focusing more on functionality and storage, and strengthening the use of design services to provide customers with perfect space solutions

the exhibition hall is designed and arranged according to the company's unified image VI. according to the house type and user needs, the design style is modern, simple and fashionable, and the overall warm color tone makes people feel warm, comfortable and warm. Continue modernism, pursue simplicity, put functional and storage use in the first place, emphasize the perfect combination of function and appearance, and embody the overall living environment of home and space everywhere

the new 3D cloud design service makes creative ideas come true

a good horse needs a good saddle, and a good product needs a good software to present. Bangyuan · famous craftsman customized furniture officially launched 3D cloud design services, making design creative ideas a reality. The new 3D design software, which can produce 3D high-definition rendering in 10 minutes and 3 minutes, must be a powerful weapon for bangyuan · famous craftsman to customize furniture in the future

with the development of the Internet era and the improvement of life quality, the consumption concept of "customized furniture" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has become the trend of modern home decoration. The launch of bangyuan Mingjiang 3D cloud design service is not only more in line with the design concept of "limited space and unlimited creativity", but also in line with the development direction of the customized furniture industry, marking that bangyuan Mingjiang has fully entered the information age of customized furniture

new products of zero formaldehyde spruce core wood shocked the market

green environmental protection is still the theme of the future of bangyuan · Mingjiang. This exhibition, bangyuan · Mingjiang new products of zero formaldehyde spruce core wood will shock the market. "Spruce core material" uses Nordic spruce as the main material. Nordic spruce grows in Scandinavia near the Arctic circle at 70 ° n. the long winter and short day make the trees grow slowly. It takes at least 35 years for each spruce to grow to wood. The special geological environment has created high-quality wood. Spruce tastes fragrant, has white color, and has straight and symmetrical texture, It is known as "the green diamond of northern Europe" by the Nordic people

bangyuan · famous craftsman zero formaldehyde spruce core solid wood material is plate type, using natural wood, with a small amount of glue, almost zero formaldehyde. Natural high-grade solid wood finish, sprayed with UV open paint, the same as solid wood. The core material adopts the splicing process, and the outer log is fixed and pressed, which will not crack and deform, and is more stable than solid wood. Nordic spruce furniture has superior performance and moderate price, which is lower than veneered solid wood

bangyuan · famous craftsman processed solid wood materials into plates, thus realizing the standardized production of digital customization of solid wood materials, greatly reducing the loss of solid wood materials and saving labor costs, so as to provide thousands of families in China with cost-effective, high-quality green customized furniture products, "spruce core" led the revolution of customized furniture cores. In the future, customized products will fully cover zero formaldehyde products, and provide the most green and healthy customized furniture to Chinese families with the most stringent environmental standards

comprehensively create the overall living environment of home and space

the exhibition hall pursues the ultimate experience, implements the design concept of "limited space, unlimited creativity" to the end, and perfectly creates a space creative furniture design experience of small space and small house type. Among them, American series, Mediterranean series and fashionable color matching series will receive extensive attention. Please pay attention

all the designs are devoted to the emotion of home and fit the emotional pursuit of "home world". The space at home is not to help customers solve a home problem, but to help customers comprehensively and systematically think about the relationship between home and space and build an overall living environment. In every innovation breakthrough, you can see that bangyuan Mingjiang's customized furniture in the whole house is careful about the space storage. In every detail, you can see bangyuan Mingjiang's attentiveness to humanized design

bangyuan? The famous craftsman has gone through the 12th year. In the process of continuous growth, the cultural construction, team spirit, production hardware and terminal channel construction of the enterprise have been greatly improved, and many excellent cultures belonging to him have been inherited. After the downturn of the property market in 2015, bangyuan? Famous craftsmen have unified goals in 300 or 400 stores across the country, seek breakthroughs in their own stores, and strive to achieve channel reform and innovation. In this year, our franchised stores not only achieved national strategic cooperation with Evergrande and Vanke in channel innovation, but also cooperation with units and groups. These are measures that bangyuan Mingjiang headquarters can give franchisees

in 2016, bangyuan Mingjiang customized furniture will explore channel innovation, pursue diversification and cooperation diversification, so that terminal stores have more sales channels, and apply active marketing strategies to the extreme. Cooperation with many real estate developers is an important channel. In terms of dealer support, through regular training, in store support, activity assistance and a series of links, improve the dealer's order receiving ability and profitability





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