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Wooden door, as a facade element of home decoration, has attracted more and more consumers' attention

wooden doors, as a facade element of family decoration, have attracted more and more consumers' attention. In today's complex environment of chaotic home decoration market and mixed products, how to choose a cheap and good wooden door and how to carry out complete color matching? Come and have a look

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purchase essentials

three ways to identify the quality of wooden doors

according to the relevant person in charge of Yitong wood industry, the first way to identify the quality of wooden doors is to knock and weigh. The filler in the door is generally divided into solid and partially solid. The solid filler must be heavy and the price is expensive, while some solid ones are relatively light and the price is relatively cheap. However, some unscrupulous businesses use some leftovers as fillers to increase weight, so as consumers, they still need to develop the habit of buying brand products

the second way to identify is to observe the "sealing strip". "Sealing strip" is directly related to the compactness of the door. The sealing strip is "hidden" in the contact part between the door pocket and the door leaf, which feels soft. Formal enterprises will add sealing strips, so as to avoid the problem that there is always a seam after closing the door

the third is the material of the door pocket. Most complaints about wooden doors are mainly about problems with the door pocket. The essence of the problem is that businesses do not necessarily use the same material for door jambs and door leaves. Solid wood door leaves do not mean that they will use solid wood door jambs. If the solid wood door is made of MDF, because it does not contain wood fiber, it is easy to foam in case of water, which will cause the door frame to deform, so it is best to ask the merchant whether the door pocket and door leaf are the same material when buying

color matching

the color of wooden doors should not be too similar to the color of the floor

the quality of wooden doors is important, but the color should not be ignored. When the decoration background of the room is warm, you can choose a warmer color system relative to the wooden door, such as cherry wood, teak, Shabili, etc. When the living environment is cold, you should choose a lighter wooden door, such as oil mixed white, birch, etc

as the wooden door belongs to the functional decoration of the facade of the room, it is closely related to the furniture, wall paint, window cover and floor in the home. It is best that the color of the wooden door and the floor belong to the same color system, but do not belong to exactly the same color, so as to prevent the ground from being muddy with the wall and weaken the sense of room space. Wooden doors should be close to the color of furniture and have corresponding contrast with the color of the wall. For example, the white wooden door had better be painted with color, so that the room will not appear too flat, making the room lack of three-dimensional effect

buy a door or do it

the house is ready for repair. As one of the five main materials for decoration, wooden doors are a very critical part. Do you want to buy a suit door or find a carpenter to do it? This is a common problem that many owners will encounter when decorating. Now, we might as well consider it comprehensively

in terms of quality, paint effect and environmental protection, package wooden doors are much higher than manual doors due to industrial production. Generally speaking, famous brand wooden doors have relatively large-scale production machinery and equipment, which are relatively mature in wood dryness, finger joint, flatness and paint assembly line. Manual wooden doors and covers are mostly made of large core boards and plywood, and the paint is painted on site, which is difficult (or even impossible) to reach the level of machinery. Therefore, from the perspective of refinement and detail, it is better to buy a door than to make a door

however, because the manufacturer of the suit door also has rigid places in style and color, if there are more manual woodwork in the decoration process, it is more casual in color and style matching

in terms of service, the service cycle of the set door is short and the installation speed is fast. Generally, the installation can be completed in less than six meters and one day. Therefore, the service is relatively perfect. However, it takes about half a month for manual production from nailing the door pocket to painting. Therefore, in terms of fast and standardized services, suit doors are better than manual doors

in general, if your home's decoration style is simple and you want to finish the decoration quickly, you'd better buy a door; If you have a lot of carpentry and have great changes in the style of the door, you can consider making the door by hand, but if you have a lot of carpentry, you should also consider environmental protection

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