Palma bars closed, but parking-space terraces rema

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Palma bars closed, but parking-space terraces remain - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Some bars and restaurants in Palma traditionally close for holidays in August. This summer is no different. However, among these bars are ones which have established temporary terraces on parking spaces. As a result, residentsThe wave of infections, who have in any event become increasingly annoyed by this measure, are not happy; that’s because the terraces haven’t been removed.

Maribel Alcázar, the president of one of the city’s residents associations, says that the situation is “absurd”. Whether with planters or palletsThe troop concentration, saying it, some bars have closed for up to a month but have maintained the terraces and therefore deprived residents of badly needed parking spaces. It is pointed out that some parking spaces would normally have to be paid for, yet bar owners are using them “free of charge“.

Marcos CaThe United States Donald Trump predicte?abateThe Canadian cavalry may not come - Today News Post, the director general of internal government at the town hallcovid_19_pandemic_in_ontario, says that the decree which allows the temporary terraces “clearly states that if there is an absence of activity for more than three days, the terrace has to be removed”.

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