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Notice of the National Energy Administration on doing a good job in clean heating in the heating season 2017-2018 photovoltaic heating welcomes major benefits

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the report of the 19th CPC National Congress proposed that to protect and improve people's livelihood, we should grasp the most direct and realistic interests that people are most concerned about. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to clean heating and have repeatedly put forward clear requirements. We should deeply realize that clean heating is an important part of the energy production and consumption revolution and the rural lifestyle revolution, which concerns thousands of households, the warmth of the masses in the northern region and the reduction of haze. We must take clean heating as an important political task, livelihood task and urgent task, greatly improve the clean level of heating, and improve the living environment and quality of life of the people. p>

I. local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) should strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant competent departments, clarify the division of tasks to ensure people's livelihood heating, study and formulate scientific, reasonable and operable measures, jointly implement price, financial and other support policies in accordance with the overall requirements of the state, timely solve key problems in heating security work, and work together to complete the people's livelihood heating security task in the annual heating season. We should not only vigorously improve the cleaning rate of heating, but also do everything possible to ensure that urban and rural residents stay warm for the winter

II. Local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) (or relevant competent departments) should, in accordance with the requirements of the plan, uniformly deploy clean energy supply, clean heating heat sources, pipe lines, energy-saving buildings and other clean heating links. According to local conditions, choose a clean heating mode with diverse ways and economic applicability, and try to replace loose burning coal as much as possible. Study and establish rural heating management mechanism, and clarify specific departments. For those in remote mountainous areas that cannot replace bulk coal heating by clean heating for the time being, focus on the use of "clean briquette + environmental protection stoves", "biomass briquette fuel + special stoves" and other ways to replace bulk coal heating

III. local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) should strengthen guidance and coordination on issues related to project approval, project land use, project construction, urban planning, etc. in the process of ensuring clean energy supply, improve work efficiency, and promote the completion and operation of clean energy supply related projects such as natural gas pipelines, power distribution, heat pipes, etc. as soon as possible. In combination with the supply and demand of clean energy, we will work together with enterprises to do a good job in the overall allocation and operation management of clean energy supply. Further improve the regulation capacity of the power system through the flexibility transformation of coal power and the market mechanism of auxiliary services, support wind power and photovoltaic to ensure that the consumption of external electricity is more used for clean heating and reduce the waste of wind and light

IV. local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) should strictly abide by the principle that "changing coal to gas requires multiple sources of gas to improve pipeline transmission capacity, promote in a planned way on the premise of implementing the gas source, and prevent gas shortage", urge gas supply enterprises at all levels, urban gas companies and upstream gas suppliers to sign a "coal to gas" gas supply agreement, formulate an "coal to gas" implementation plan and annual plan, and orderly promote the "coal to gas". At the same time, local gas supply enterprises at all levels and urban gas companies should be urged to strictly implement the gas supply agreement. If additional supply is required during the winter supply guarantee period, plans should be made in advance and coordinated with upstream gas suppliers to ensure safe and stable gas use

v. major gas supply enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC should supply gas sources as planned. Encourage the comprehensive utilization of unconventional natural gas and coalbed methane to support clean heating. Accelerate the construction of long-distance pipelines and LNG terminals that have been included in the plan, speed up the introduction and construction of gas sources such as China Russia east line and imported LNG, and promote the interconnection of long-distance pipelines across the country. Existing terminals that are qualified for expansion shall build storage tanks and expand pressurization and gasification facilities, which shall be verified according to the actual LNG receiving capacity. All localities should pay close attention to the implementation of the "natural gas infrastructure construction and operation management measures" to improve emergency gas storage capacity

VI. state power, Mengxi power and new distribution enterprises should combine the national distribution construction action plan and the rural transformation and upgrading plan, strengthen the coordination and cooperation with the "coal to electricity" plan of relevant regions, effectively use the investment in the central budget of rural transformation and the funds of power enterprises, speed up the distribution upgrading and transformation, and meet the requirements of supporting electricity for the operation of electric heating facilities. All power generation enterprises should pay close attention to power production, improve management level, and actively participate in the direct transaction of heating electricity. In particular, cogeneration enterprises should ensure safe and stable production, and work with heating enterprises to ensure the safety of heating in heating areas. While doing a good job of normal dispatching, the power dispatching organization should also innovate the dispatching mode to support the direct electricity transaction between electric heating enterprises (users) and power generation enterprises

VII. Geothermal enterprises should give full play to the advantages of geothermal heating, constantly improve the level of technical management, expand the development of geothermal resources and increase the area of geothermal heating without damaging the ecological environment. Biomass heating enterprises can establish biomass raw material collection system alone or by a third party, promote the professional development of collection, storage and transportation, improve the degree of raw material guarantee, and actively develop biomass cogeneration and biomass boiler heating in areas rich in biomass resources. We should combine clean heating with new energy consumption, encourage the protection of new energy electricity beyond the utilization hours, and actively participate in the direct trading of heating electricity

VIII. Coal enterprises should make unified deployment in combination with the national coal de capacity work, and reasonably release some advanced coal production capacity according to the coal demand for thermal production in northern China during the heating season, so as to ensure the heating coal for people's livelihood

IX. local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) (or relevant competent departments) and relevant enterprises should strengthen the operation and maintenance of heating facilities. For central heating, the natural gas pipes, gas storage facilities, thermoelectric units, peak shaving boilers, electricity and other equipment and facilities should be repaired in time to promote the safe operation of heat sources, heat, indoor end equipment and other heating facilities. For decentralized heating, it is necessary to strengthen the publicity of users' safe operation knowledge, improve users' safety awareness, and guide users to use heating facilities safely. Pay attention to the operation and maintenance capacity building and after-sales service of heating facilities. If the clean heating facilities cannot operate effectively and meet the heating temperature needs of users due to problems such as equipment quality and improper operation, they should respond in time and repair quickly. If necessary, the heating source should be replaced. We should attach great importance to heating safety, strengthen management, standardize operation, eliminate hidden dangers and avoid accidents

Local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) should work with relevant departments to innovate systems and mechanisms, improve policies and measures, further liberalize the fields of energy and heat production and supply, guide social capital into the clean heating market, encourage enterprises to carry out business innovation, and develop new technologies and models based on energy interconnection Injection pressure has achieved a new business form of low porosity and good bonding between inserts and encapsulated polymers, and built an operation mode of "enterprise oriented, government driven and affordable for residents"

Xi. Local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) should do a good job in emergency storage of clean heating sources. According to the actual needs of heating guarantee work in the heating season, under the condition that there is a heating gap and renewable energy, natural gas, electric heating and other heating methods cannot meet the needs of clean heating, coal-fired cogeneration projects (except back pressure units) that have not been included in the production plan, have been completed and meet ultra-low emission standards, and are ready for operation can be used as emergency reserve power supply to provide external heating, so as to ensure the emergency needs of people's livelihood heating, However, in principle, it is not included in the installed capacity of coal-fired power production in that year. If it is necessary to continue the construction of coal-fired cogeneration projects (except for back pressure units) that have been included in the plan but have not been approved and have not been started, the relevant provincial energy departments, together with relevant departments and units, shall organize a third-party agency to evaluate. If the heat to electricity ratio in the recent heating period is not less than 80% and is completed and put into operation according to the normal construction period, the clean heating heat load in the heating area cannot pass through renewable energy, natural gas If the electric heating and other clean heating methods are met, the corresponding provincial energy competent department shall report to the National Energy Administration for filing, and then normally perform the approval procedures or start the construction as a clean heating heat source. When organizing the evaluation, all localities should adhere to the principle of strictness, and try to meet the needs of clean heating in the region through other clean heating methods. If it is necessary to continue the construction, in principle, the backward coal-fired power units of corresponding scale should be shut down according to the principle of equal capacity

XII. Local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) (or relevant competent departments) should cooperate with the financial department to make efficient and rational use of central or local financial funds and provide support in the construction and operation of clean heating projects. Rural areas in key cities for air pollution prevention and control should also enjoy the same financial subsidies as urban areas. Give full play to the driving role of financial funds, and encourage more investors to enter the clean heating market on the basis of implementing a number of clean heating projects first

XIII. Local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) (or relevant competent departments) should give full play to their coordination role and establish a clean heating coordination and discussion mechanism with the participation of relevant departments and key enterprises, so as to provide a strong organizational guarantee for clean heating. We should clarify the division of tasks, earnestly perform our duties, and coordinate all kinds of issues in promoting clean heating, such as energy supply, financial support, equipment operation, project land use, environmental protection supervision, safety assurance and so on

please do a good job according to the above requirements. In case of major events, lithium manganate batteries account for the highest proportion of new energy buses in the recommended catalogue, please report to our bureau in time. Local development and reform commissions (energy bureaus) are requested to coordinate with relevant departments and inform local energy enterprises of relevant requirements

it is hereby notified

National Energy Administration

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