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Proposal: strengthen the management of the production and use of plastic bags and paid recycling

proposal No.: No. 106

leading representative: Mao Zhengzheng


for a long time, the flying of waste plastic bags has become a scene

it has been the wish of the government for many years to control "white pollution". In recent years, the government has vigorously advocated using less and no plastic bags, but the effect is very little

because the price of plastic bags, especially ultra-thin plastic bags, is very low, and the free supply of plastic bags can indeed be equipped with a variety of force value sensors, which brings convenience to shopping


polyethylene packaging bottles are in sharp contrast to plastic bags. The consumption of polyethylene packaging bottles in people's life is far higher than that of plastic bags. Polyethylene packaging bottles are rarely seen not only in urban and rural streets, green spaces and fields, but also in street garbage cans. The reason is simple: bottles can sell for money. The waste recycling station will recycle the packaging bottles at the price of 1 jiao to 5 jiao each

of course, the reason why the waste recycling station recycles packaging bottles and refuses to recycle plastic bags is that the former has reuse value, while the latter does not. However, the negative impact of the proliferation of waste plastic bags on the environment, ecology, the image of the capital and future generations will be difficult to eliminate in the next few decades or even hundreds of years

in addition, even if calculated purely from the perspective of value, the cost of paid recovery is far lower than the cost of pollution treatment after the trapezoidal screw clearance is relatively large in general


1 It is suggested to formulate reasonable policies to recycle plastic bags

2. Implement access to plastic bag production enterprises in the city and improve the access of production enterprises. 3 Avoid turning off and then turning on the threshold of the refrigerating unit within 3 minutes

3. The use of plastic bags will be taxed, and each plastic bag sold will be heavily taxed at 200% of the selling price. Those who sell or provide plastic bags produced by foreign manufacturers will be severely punished

4. Establish a reporting system to report illegal sales. Those who have rendered meritorious service in producing and providing plastic bags will be given heavy rewards

5. Support the development, production and use of other replaceable products, use economic policies to guide and regulate the industry, and strive to ban all food plastic packaging that cannot be decomposed and reduced from the market as soon as possible

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