The hottest propylene oxide market continues to ri

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Around the world, up to 90% of plastic products have never been recycled, and the oxypropane market continues to rise. The local supply side is tight to ensure the parallelism of the cylinder axis and the guide rail, which requires the Po market to rise steadily this week. The unexpected parking of Zhenhai device, the overall tight supply side in the yard, boosted the market, and the Po factory offer generally rose. At present, the overall inventory is low, the downstream purchases on demand, the purchasing mood is better than that in the early stage, the Po shipment is smooth, and it is expected that the short-term market may rise in a narrow range

today, the Po Market in Shandong and North China continued to rise. Shandong Xinyue stopped unexpectedly for a short time, and it may be restarted tomorrow. The supply side in the yard is tight, and the rising sentiment is obvious. The offer of local factories is generally up, and there are many conflicts in the downstream, and the purchase is mostly on demand. At present, the mainstream negotiation price is 12,, 700 yuan/ton in cash, 12,, 000 yuan/ton (ex factory acceptance)

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