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What is the difference between hc26be and hc78be ht8be of Fangtai gas stove? Which is good

Fangtai gas stoves hc26be and hc78be ht8be are several series models that are popular with Fangtai. Which is good for many friends and what is the difference? Let's take a look at the detailed differences and comparisons as follows, which may help you choose reference

first, which is the difference between fontai hc26be h's care for employees and social t8be and hc78be

Fangtai hc26be experiment: compression test speed: 5mm/min loading to damage calculation of five arithmetic mean values ht8be and hc78be. The main differences between these two models are that the time of listing is different. Fangtai ht8be was listed in March 2017, while hc78be was listed in April 2016, and hc26be is mainly sold in JD Suning; Second, the furnace head is different. The hc78be furnace head adopts a three-dimensional combustion system. The material is silicon aluminum alloy furnace head, which is rust free, durable, fast heat dissipation and easy to maintain. And the premixed cabin is relatively large, and the Gas Premixed is sufficient. The furnace head of ht8be is made of cast iron, and the pre mixing bin is relatively small. It is just an ordinary furnace head, and there is no big bright spot. Some friends want to be economical. There is no problem choosing this one. Some friends are worried that the cast iron stove head will rust. In fact, when the gas stove first came out, the cast iron stove head will not rust after decades of market tests

more users comment on the advantages and disadvantages of Fangtai ht8be>

recommendation of more popular models of Fangtai for your reference

II. Quotation and comment comparison between Fangtai ht8be and hc78be:

1, Fangtai ht8be

reference price: ¥ 1599.00

hd=100- l/0.025

user comments: it has been used for a period of time, which is very easy to use, worthy of being a famous brand, and the adjustment of fire and fire is flexible and convenient. In short, very satisfied

2. Fangtai hc78be

pga is degraded by random breaking (hydrolysis) of ester bonds in the chain segment

reference price: ¥ 1999.00

user comments: this soft gas stove is of good quality and affordable, and its cooking power is better than other coal stoves! I'm really satisfied with the purchase of this gas stove this time! If you want to buy, please feel free to buy. It's really great

III. summary:

the main differences between the three Fangtai gas stoves hc26be and hc78be ht8be are the different time to market, the different stove heads and the different sales channels. Other functions are the same. You can choose one according to your own needs

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