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Letterpress printing is still a work of art. Compared with offset printing, letterpress printing has more words, fewer photos and pictures, more opportunities to change words, and the number of prints is small. Hundreds or thousands of prints are suitable for letterpress printing. The number of type printing should not exceed 30000, and the electronic version of fine pictures should not exceed 70000. You must choose pink paper to print pictures to get perfect dots. So you can't use cheap paper to print pictures when the load can't rise any more, and you want to achieve beautiful results. When using letterpress typesetting tables, the joints of lines are easy to be separated, which is a common disadvantage. In addition, too much printing pressure or too soft surface of the pressure cylinder during printing will make the back of the finished printed sheet embossed, which will greatly reduce the quality of the printed matter

offset printing

the biggest difference between offset printing and letterpress printing is that letterpress printing plate pictures must use paper with smooth surface, but offset printing does not need this, as long as the paper is not too rough. The printing effect is softer than that of letterpress, and it is easy to print rounded dots. The resin version or nylon version is another kind of printing plate that can withstand wear better than the above versions. The representative manufacturers of printing times are Dalian Borong, which extracts vanadium from the oil fly ash or slag coke market or maintains a strong trend, and Liaoning Hongjing group, which extracts vanadium from vanadium containing waste catalyst, has reached 1million, which can be said to be the longest lived printing plate. However, the method of using this kind of printing plate is slightly different from the ordinary offset printing method, that is, there is no wetting system, so it is called dry offset printing. Generally speaking, the more pictures in the printed matter, the larger the picture area, the more appropriate offset printing is to be used instead of letterpress printing. As mentioned above, the effect of printing pictures with offset printing is better than that of letterpress printing, because offset printing is adopted for general color printing and four-color printing instead of letterpress printing

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