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Comparison of the development status of Chinese and foreign beverage packaging and processing machinery

at present, the international beverage packaging equipment mainly includes five types of filling production equipment, such as glass bottles, easy to pull aluminum cans, composite packaging (Tetra Pak), PET bottles with low sampling rate, pet cans (invented by British plastona Co., Ltd. in 1985 and imported into China in 1987), and PVC bottles

the proportion of the above packaging equipment varies in different countries: in Japan, PET bottles account for 11.9%, aluminum cans account for 13%; In the United States, glass bottles account for 42.7% and aluminum cans account for 35.9%

the technical level of foreign beverage processing machinery and equipment is generally high, and the general situation can be understood from several aspects: it also relates to countless consumers

the 10 beverage companies with a high degree of mechanization in the United States account for more than 70% of the total output of the United States, while the output of Coca Cola and pepsi cola beverages accounts for half of the total market. The filling speed has developed from 150 bottles/minute in the 1950s to 1000-1200 bottles/minute now, with a maximum of 2000 bottles/minute

Microcomputer is widely used in automatic control of production process.

foreign packaging machinery adopts computer control process and processing degree, and is equipped with various parameter measurement devices, so that packaging, measurement and detection can be completed by one machine. For example, in order to control the accuracy of ingredients, the production system is generally equipped with continuous measuring devices such as flow machine and speedometer connected with microcomputer, and the computer controls the beginning and end of each process to control the concentration and flow of various ingredients. The error accuracy can be controlled within one thousandth of the accuracy. Beverage production equipment is generally equipped with CTP system, which uses microcomputer to control the cleaning process

the material of the equipment is good, and the hygiene and quality are guaranteed in production.

generally, the equipment must be calibrated after the mixer is used for a period of time. The gap between the mixing blade and the pot wall must be made of stainless steel, and great attention should be paid to the in-situ high-speed and efficient cleaning of empty bottles, solid bottles and automatic inspection equipment, so as to ensure a high degree of hygiene of product quality

China's beverage machinery and equipment have developed from relying on foreign imports in the early 1980s to today's ones that can fully meet the needs of domestic beverage manufacturers, following a path of "introducing technology, digestion and absorption, independent innovation, and gradual localization"

compared with foreign advanced technology, China's beverage processing still has shortcomings and weaknesses, such as incomplete product specifications, poor complete sets, low automation and control level, unstable single machine performance, and less application of advanced technology

at present, there is still a certain distance between China and foreign major filling equipment manufacturers in terms of production and manufacturing equipment, processing means, design level, etc. These are areas that China's beverage machinery industry needs to make continuous efforts to improve

in the 21st century, China's beverage machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is still full of hope, confidence and strength to enhance the degree of automation and intelligence. Its development direction is: large-scale, high-speed and improving stability are the main goals of development

aseptic technology is the first choice for the research and development of technical equipment in the beverage machinery manufacturing industry. The production of diversified finished product packaging equipment is the need of the development of market economy. The application of high and new control technology, the wide application of robot technology, electromechanical integration technology, and the application of intelligent computer technology are the direction of our efforts. At the same time, the beverage packaging and processing machinery industry should also strengthen the cooperation between scientific research institutions and manufacturing units, Continuously develop products needed by small and medium-sized enterprises

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