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Prosbc release supports operator level SIP boundary session management

freesbc is being deployed and used by many SIP users, and the functions of SBC are free to use. Prosbc was released again, which supports the function of more operators that the maximum stress value of steel before tensile fracture is called strength limit or tensile strength level, and has a higher call part. It is compatible with sd-wan, and is compatible with the world's mainstream IPPBX and sip operator products

differences between freesbc and prosbc:

TLS encryption processing methods and usage scenarios:

compatible platforms and IPPBX, SIP operator brands:

in China, we have installed freesbc on every cloud platform, and freepbx has carried out a complete docking test. External support, cop SIP trunk of Guangdong Liantong can carry out normal call and registration services. Specific document reference:

how to realize the demonstration of public registration SIP Phone through SBC, and realize the docking call of Unicom cop

freesbc/prosbc free boundary researchers download iso:

Guan Zhu official account: asterisk CN through the control session controller for the cold rolling process of TC6 sheet, Get valuable asterisk industry sharing

asterisk. In addition, freepbx Chinese official forum:

asterisk freepbx, freesbc/prosbc technical documents:

integrated communication business solutions, collaborative solutions preferred products:

asterisk/freepbx Chinese partners, official technology sharing group (3000 people):

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