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Comparison of the gap between China and developed countries in food packaging machinery

China's food industry: China's food and packaging machinery industry has been formed for only 20 years, with relatively weak foundation, insufficient technology and scientific research strength, and its development lags behind, dragging down the food and packaging industry to some extent. It is predicted that by 2010, the total output value of the domestic industry will reach 130billion yuan (current price), while the market demand may reach 200billion yuan. How to catch up with and seize this huge market as soon as possible is an urgent problem we need to solve. 1、 The development of China's food machinery industry is now safe and qualified, which can save one person's life

China's food packaging machinery started in the late 1970s, with an annual output value of only 70 million yuan and only 100 kinds of products. In the past five years, the food and packaging machinery industry has developed at an average annual growth rate of 11% - 12%, higher than the growth rate of the national economy in the same period. The total sales volume increased from 15 billion yuan in 1994 to 30 billion yuan in 2000, and the product varieties increased from 270 in 1994 to 3700 in 2000

the product level has reached a new level, and the trend of large-scale, complete set and automation has begun to appear. Equipment with complex transmission and high technical content has begun to appear. It can be said that China's machinery production has met the basic domestic needs and began to export to Southeast Asia and the third world countries. For example, China's total import and export volume in 2000 was 2.737 billion US dollars, of which the export volume was 1.29 billion US dollars, an increase of 22.2% over 1999. Among the exported machinery varieties, food (dairy, pastry, meat, fruit) processing machines, ovens, packaging, labeling machines, paper plastic aluminum composite tank production equipment and other machinery are exported more. Food machinery such as sugar making, wine making, beverages, liquid food filling machines and other equipment have begun to be exported in complete sets

second, the development status of food packaging machinery in the world

as far as the sales and packaging of food are concerned, there are two kinds of the most commonly used and basic packaging processes, namely filling and wrapping. The filling method is applicable to almost all materials and all kinds of packaging containers. Specifically, for liquids, powders and granular materials with good fluidity, the packaging process can be completed mainly by their own gravity, supplemented by a certain mechanical action. For semi fluid with strong viscosity or single piece and assembly with large body shape, it is required to adopt corresponding experimental methods and systematic measures of ASTM d3702 (9) 4 thrust ring to determine the friction performance of materials, such as extrusion, pushing, picking and placing. As for the wrapping method, it is different from this. It is mainly applicable to single or combined parts with regular shape, enough rigidity and tight packaging requirements. Flexible plastics and their composites (some additional lightweight pallets and liners) are used for wrapping with the help of mechanical action

over the past decade, the international packaging industry has attached great importance to improving the general ability and multi-function integration ability of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system, so as to provide timely and flexible production means for diversified commodities with rapid market development. At the same time, based on the actual needs of reasonably simplifying packaging and advantageous packaging process methods, continuous exploration has significantly accelerated the pace of its own technological innovation. Especially with the synchronous development of modern automatic machine tools, it is gradually clear. In order to establish a new system of packaging machinery with diversification, generalization and multi-function integration, we must first focus on solving the major problems of combination and electromechanical integration, which is undoubtedly an important development direction in the future

III. The gap between China and world powers

1 There are few product varieties and complete sets

domestic production is mainly single machine, while foreign production is mostly supporting, and few single machine sales. On the one hand, the varieties of biodegradable shopping bags, lunch boxes and other products made in China cannot meet the needs of domestic food and packaging enterprises. On the other hand, the profits of single machine production and sales in machinery factories are meager, and the high benefits of complete equipment sales cannot be obtained

2. Low technical level

is mainly manifested in poor product reliability, slow technology update, and less application of new technologies, new processes, and new materials. China's food and packaging machinery has more single machines, less complete sets, more general-purpose models, less equipment that meets special requirements and special materials. There are many products with low technology content and few products with high technology added value and high productivity; Intelligent equipment is still in the development stage

3. poor product quality

the quality gap of China's food and packaging machinery products is mainly manifested in poor stability and reliability, backward shape, rough appearance, short service life of basic parts and accessories, short trouble free operation time, short overhaul cycle, and the vast majority of products have not formulated reliability standards

4. Insufficient development ability

China's food and packaging machinery is mainly imitation and mapping, with a little localization improvement, there is no development and research. Our development means are backward. Now better enterprises have carried out the plate rejection project, but few really use CAD. Lack of innovation in product development makes it difficult to improve. The production means are backward, and most of them are processed with obsolete general equipment. New product development is not only a small number, but also a long development cycle. In terms of enterprise management, it often pays attention to production and processing, ignores research and development, and innovation is not enough, so it can not provide products in time to keep up with market demand

IV. future demand for food packaging machinery

with the acceleration of people's daily work pace, the enrichment of nutritional and health food, and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, many new requirements will inevitably be put forward for food and its packaging in the future. This includes vigorously developing new technologies and products such as vacuum packaging, vacuum inflatable packaging and aseptic packaging according to local conditions, so as to organically combine them with quick-frozen packaging

focusing on the current and future, it can be confirmed that the following three types of packaging machines are excellent models suitable for food sales and packaging, and can be called the leading models with a long history of development and strong vitality, namely, vertical bag (box) forming, filling and sealing machine, horizontal bag (box) forming, filling and sealing machine, and horizontal seam wrapping machine

analyzed according to the idea of group technology, there are many commonalities and similarities among the three, which are conducive to unified development. In addition, they have their own special differences, which should be selected according to local conditions. After a comprehensive comparison, its main features are listed as follows:

the packaging object matches the three models, which is almost all inclusive (except for gas-liquid materials), but the third limitation

the packaging materials are mainly reel type composite films. In some cases, the second kind can be placed with straw, and the third kind can be placed with supporting ribs and other accessories

the second packaging form has many patterns, such as three side sealed bags, four side sealed bags, duplex bags, self-supporting bags, brick boxes, roof boxes, etc; The first kind is in the second place, and the third kind is less. Usually, pillow bags are the main ones, and some can be made into cylindrical bags, four side sealed bags, etc. The bag width of the first package size is at least 10 mm, and the bag length can be adjusted steplessly within a limited range; The width and length of the latter two kinds of bags can be adjusted steplessly within a limited range, and the length of the third kind of bags can reach more than half a meter

there are many new types of sealing, such as the flat seal at the upper end of the tear opening or tear line, the combined seal with an embedded box, the screw cap seal placed in different parts, and so on; The other two models are monotonous

transmission movement can realize both continuous movement and step-by-step movement. The structure combination fully reflects the modular structure, especially the second horizontal layout is more convenient to configure functional modules (such as vacuum pumping and nitrogen filling). Coupled with the high degree of electromechanical integration, the diversity, versatility and multi-function integration are greatly enhanced, forming a series of products

v. Development Countermeasures for China's food and packaging machinery industry

1 Scale and collectivization

the production capacity of centralized enterprises continues to develop towards scale and collectivization in order to pursue economies of scale. Small and medium-sized enterprises should not blindly introduce production lines under the current situation of insufficient capital and technical strength, but can adopt the mode of providing spare parts production for large machinery enterprises

2. Open up a new situation of product export

China's food and packaging machinery technology is moderate, cheap and good, which is very suitable for the economic conditions of developing countries and regions. In the future, the export prospects to these countries and regions are broad, and some equipment can also be exported to developed countries

3. Improve the technical content of products

without good technology as the backing for the development of enterprises, it is impossible to go for a long time. Realize electromechanical integration and intellectualization, develop towards product informatization, introduce new technologies, and speed up the progress of ISO9000 certification of enterprises. Further improve the technical level, stability and reliability of the equipment. Only by facing the reality bravely, actively changing this state, improving product development ability and forming their own innovation ability can we catch up

4. Strengthen the development and innovation of new products

most of China's food packaging machinery has been developed on the basis of using imported equipment for reference. For products that have a large gap with foreign countries or are blank, we should actively introduce technology, digest and absorb it, and gradually understand it to fully grasp it. We should learn from the products that have a certain foundation but have a certain gap with similar foreign products, strengthen the research of relevant key technologies and core technologies, and encourage development and innovation

5. Develop food packaging machinery with strong demand

with the expansion of domestic demand for packaged food and the increase of export demand, at present, the following kinds of food packaging machinery with strong demand in the market need to be developed

(1) beer and beverage filling equipment

experts believe that beer filling machinery equipment should focus on the development of medium-sized equipment with an annual output of 50000 tons and moderate development of large-scale equipment with an annual output of more than 100000 tons. The prospect of multifunctional and fully automated equipment with high speed, low loss, accurate measurement and automatic detection is promising. Beverage machinery should adapt to the development direction of centralized production of main agents and decentralized filling of beverages, and develop technology and equipment for on-site blending of beer and beverages

(2) convenience food production and packaging equipment

the demand for convenience food processing equipment and its products represented by instant noodles, convenience porridge, dumplings, steamed stuffed buns and other production machinery is increasing. According to the domestic market survey, the direction of people's demand for convenience food is: nutritious, high-end products and good taste. The market prospect of traditional food processing and elderly and infant food processing equipment is also promising, and relevant enterprises should focus on development

(3) slaughtering and meat processing and packaging machinery

poultry and livestock slaughtering machinery, meat processing machinery, refined meat deep processing machinery and sub packaging machinery are the development direction. In particular, affordable shopping malls in large and medium-sized cities need to package and sell these products, and packaging machinery is urgently needed. In recent years, cities and rural areas have vigorously developed the one-stop breeding industry of breeding and slaughtering. There is an urgent need to improve the slaughtering, processing and packaging equipment for small and medium-sized poultry and livestock, purchase new large-scale slaughtering equipment, and develop segmented processing technology equipment, packaging equipment, ham, sausage and other precision processing and packaging machinery. The market prospect is also quite broad

(4) grain and edible oil deep processing packaging market

in the market, grain NatureWorks has brought to the Asian market a new biopolymer formula specially designed for injection molding durable goods and 3D printing. Small and medium-sized packaging is more popular and in great demand. The development of a series of packaging equipment suitable for materials in different states and different packaging weights has broad prospects

(5) fruit and vegetable processing and preservation technology and equipment