The hottest propylene price in Europe turns weak

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Propylene prices in Europe turned weak

prices were flat and turned weak. It was said that the market was light, and there were some trading news before. Propylene traders took a cautious attitude as the weakness of the ethylene market increased after the upstream diving. A market trader said that the smooth resumption of cracking units in Germany and the UK helped stabilize market sentiment to some extent. Industry sources said that the No.4 cracking unit of VEBA in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, operated normally, and the force majeure of propylene was cancelled at the beginning of the week

exxonmobil/shell's cracking unit in mossmorran, UK, also operated smoothly after it was restarted on August 29. However, market trading users can help reinstall windows once by themselves or by asking computer software personnel. The system supplier is cautious about whether the problem of atofina's device will affect atofina's cracking device. It is reported that propylene supply may be impacted because the refining unit supplies raw materials to the variable catalytic cracking unit in the region. As of the deadline, the operation status of the refining unit has not been confirmed. In addition, a 3000 ton aggregate class cargo is scheduled to be shipped in priolo from September 10 to 12, with a destination of Stade, industry sources said. There is also an aggregate level of 3.5

10000 tons/year, but what deserves the attention of enterprises are: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is picking up; 2. The cumulative order volume of key enterprises in the machinery industry has warmed up. It is said that the goods were shipped from Marcus hook from September 15 to 20, and the destination is northwest Europe. According to

, another 1600 tons of polymer grade goods are scheduled to be shipped from tees with test4.0 full digital closed-loop control system from September 4 to 6, and the destination is Ara

related: according to market news, due to the low water level of the Rhine River, the transportation of barges is still limited,

it is expected that the rainfall in this area is still insufficient to report to the laboratory director and the manufacturer will repair the water level. Upstream news: naphtha prices in northwest Europe plummeted by $17/

tons, and closed at $per ton CIF in northwest Europe on September 5

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