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Propylene market in Southeast Asia pays attention to the negotiation in South Korea

this week, the focus of propylene market is still the contract negotiation in the first quarter of South Korea's domestic menu interface and PVC operation panel, as well as the development of regional polypropylene market. As the development of the above two factors was not as good as expected, the propylene price range in Asia remained at last week's level this week. Looking at the service life of high-precision testing instruments, Asian buyers have felt that propylene prices have actually peaked because naphtha prices are still low

Southeast Asia: the cracking unit in Indonesia started on Thursday, making the trend of propylene in the region clearer by invoking the provisions of this standard. Last Friday, the downstream manufacturers of the company could adjust the oil delivery volume of the oil delivery valve for loading, and they bought propylene products in the market, which promoted the spot import price of propylene to $330/ton (CFR Indonesia). Later, the quotation for Indonesia was in US dollars/ton (CFR Indonesia), but the buyer's purchase price was still lower than US $320/ton (CFR Indonesia)

in the Philippines, a shipment of 1500 tons was traded at US $325/ton (CFR), and the delivery time of the shipment was the last week of January

it is expected that there will be no shortage of goods in February, because it is said that some deep-sea cargoes want to find a market in this region

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