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Propylene oxide is facing the embarrassing situation of "rising upstream and falling downstream"

the recent trend of propylene oxide is embarrassing. The price of propylene in the upstream has increased, but the transaction of polyether in the downstream continues to be light. In the face of the market environment of "strong upstream adsorption and falling downstream", propylene oxide is in a dilemma

it can also obtain propylene at a low cost: there is a shortage of international supply, and the price rises slightly

the turmoil and war in Libya has supported the international crude oil to break through 100 high prices, and the price of propylene is adjusted accordingly due to the shortage of international supply. At present, the transaction prices in various regions are as follows: Shandong yuan/ton, northeast yuan/ton, Shaanxi yuan/ton, Tianjin yuan/ton. Compared with last week, the price of propylene rose this week, but due to the high price, it is difficult for domestic users to accept, and there are few spot transactions in the market

however, it is undeniable that the price increase of propylene has directly increased the cost of propylene oxide. However, propylene oxide did not increase its price year-on-year, mainly due to the pressure of the downstream polyether market

downstream polyether: the sales volume continues to be sluggish, and the market is declining.

the recent market transactions of polyether have always been in a low state, and the price has gradually shown a downward trend. The manufacturer's sales mentality is pessimistic, and the market quotation has begun to loosen. According to the relevant manufacturers, the polyether market is difficult to improve in the short term, the manufacturers' inventory is generally high, the demand for raw materials is limited, and the market purchasing attitude is cautious

affected by polyether, the overall market demand for propylene oxide is not strong, and the transaction performance is flat

Previously, the figure was 5.5 billion euros

so, under the contradictory situation of "propylene rising" and "polyether falling", where should propylene oxide go

although the cost rises, propylene oxide manufacturers are unable to continue to raise prices. Looking directly at the weak polyether market, propylene oxide can only be compromised

after weighing and considering by propylene oxide manufacturers, the recent market quotation has begun to enter the stable price route, and the overall price trend of propylene oxide in the short term has gradually shown a high consolidation state

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