The hottest propylene weakens, and petrochemicals

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Propylene weakened, petrochemicals pulled up the market for a short time or continued to be strong

since July, the focus of the domestic polypropylene powder market has begun to rise. Today, petrochemicals North China raised its pricing again. Since the 26th of last month, petrochemicals North China has raised its cumulative price by 250 yuan/ton, actively pulling up the market. The manufacturer's mentality has improved, and the recent quotation increase has accumulated around yuan/ton

at present, the focus of propylene monomer is still to solve the problem of lightning strike (Figure 3), but the market is weak, and the international crude oil continues to rise. The mainstream quotation of propylene in Shandong is at yuan/ton, and the mainstream delivery weakens to yuan/ton. Propylene needs to change the extension meter, and the device weakens slightly, which reduces the cost pressure of manufacturers to a certain extent. However, so far, most parking manufacturers have no start-up plan, and the supply of powder market is still small, The quotation continues to be strong and upward. At present, the mainstream foreign automobile brands in Shandong have widely used plastic composites and high-performance engineering plastics, and the transaction volume is about 10450 yuan/ton, about 10400 yuan/ton in North China and about 10400 yuan/ton in East China. Recently, the granular material market has also been slightly explored, but the price is still lower than that of powder material. The downstream demand of the powder market continued to be weak, and there was no obvious improvement, which greatly dragged down the powder market at the thickness of 2.5mm

recently, the powder market may continue to be strong under the support of petrochemical efforts and less market supply. However, if propylene continues to weaken and downstream demand continues to be sluggish, the focus of the powder market is at risk of downward exploration

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