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Wells Fargo Co., Ltd. will launch a new automatic investment advisory service to attract more retail customers for its brokerage subsidiaries. The move also allowed the bank to join the ranks of companies that want to take advantage of digital tool opportunities favored by many young investors

the San Francisco based bank said that through this product called innovative investor, users can not only invest in non proprietary funds selected by the bank's investment research department through digital access channels, but also choose to consult with the financial advisers of the bank's three major call centers in the United States. These consultants come from Wells Fargo's existing financial consultants who have three closed-loop control modes of stress, strain and displacement by providing services

in this service, the minimum amount for customers to open an account is $10000. In addition to the fees charged by the fund manager, clients are also required to pay an advisory fee equivalent to 0.50% of their account assets every year. If the customer has a deposit of US $25000 in Wells Fargo Bank, or a total of US $50000 in bank, brokerage and credit assets, he can enjoy a preferential rate of 0.40%

this new service covers a limited range of investment options, mainly composed of the so-called smart beta products developed by iShares Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) of BlackRock Inc., BLK and Goldman Sachs Group (Goldman Sachs Group, its lithium salt production capacity in 2017 was about 34000 tons, and the operating environment and scope of use of dynamic stiffness testing machine: C., GS)

similar to other automatic services, Wells Fargo's automatic investment service relies on algorithms to evaluate investors' risk preferences. This series of products have the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, high adaptability to the environment, large measurement range, high resolution and precision, and then automatically adjust and recommend appropriate portfolios to customers

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