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Wang Jianzhong: maintenance fitter in the cone workshop of Jianghan Petroleum bit Co., Ltd.

Wang Jianzhong, 32 years old, joined the work in 1995. He is a maintenance fitter in the cone workshop of Jianghan Oilfield Jianghan Drilling Co., Ltd., and has won honors such as the young post expert of the Bureau, the outstanding young post expert of Hubei Province, and the silver medal of the first skill champion competition of Hubei Province. In November this year, Wang Jianzhong, on behalf of Hubei Province, participated in the fourth "revitalization Cup" national youth vocational skills competition, won the second place in the assembly fitter, was awarded the title of national young post expert and national technical expert, and was promoted to senior technician

only mediocre people do not have ordinary positions, and the technology of young oil field workers in the new era is more powerful. It is applicable to the stretching, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, bonding, puncture force of plastic films, composite materials, soft packaging materials, plastic hoses, adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, medical patches, protective films, release papers, combination covers, metal foils, barriers, backplane materials, non-woven fabrics, rubber, paper fibers and other products Opening force, low-speed uncoiling force, uncoiling force and other functional test quantities

after graduating from the oilfield technical school in 1995, Wang Jianzhong was assigned to the gear workshop of jiangzuan Co., Ltd. as a maintenance fitter. The fitter's work was dirty and tired. It was not easy to do a good job. At that time, he had only one idea: learn skills well and do a good job. Wang Jianzhong took the initiative to take Wan Wenjun, an old model worker in the workshop and Senior Equipment Engineer, as his teacher. In order to grow into a "craftsman" like master Wan as soon as possible, Wang Jianzhong followed him step by step. As soon as there was a maintenance task, he stayed aside and observed carefully. He wrote down the master's judgment of machine tool failure, maintenance essentials, treatment methods, etc. in his work, and seized all the time to ponder carefully. Wang Jianzhong rushed to do dirty and tiring work. When manufacturers came to debug and repair new equipment, they always asked questions, just to master the equipment structure and understand the machine tool performance. Once, a rarely repaired equipment in the workshop broke down. Wang Jianzhong took the initiative to fight the teachers. After work, he was reluctant to go home. He didn't leave the workshop until 3 a.m. when the equipment was in normal operation

fitter is a versatile type of work, which not only involves drilling, welding, turning, planing, grinding and milling, but also understands CAD, cam and CAE. In order to improve his technical and theoretical level, Wang Jianzhong kept thinking and studying hard. I bought books and materials related to fitter one after another and learned them over and over again. His technical study books are placed on the bedside table, tea table and dining table at home. In recent years, most of the imported equipment in the gear workshop is imported, and the instructions, drawings and machine tools are all in English. Therefore, Wang Jianzhong specially bought an electronic dictionary to memorize the English proprietary vocabulary commonly used in the maintenance of workshop equipment. Over the past 13 years, Wang Jianzhong has studied a large number of post related technical and business books such as fundamentals of machinery, mechanical drawing, CNC machine tool maintenance, and made more than 20 learning notes

pay and you will be rewarded. In 2005, Wang Jianzhong successfully obtained the senior salary qualification certificate. In 2007, on behalf of Jianghan Oilfield, he participated in the Hubei Provincial skill champion selection competition, won the silver medal at one stroke, and was rated as an outstanding young post expert in Hubei Province, making an exception to the promotion of technicians

in September this year, Wang Jianzhong gave up the opportunity to take a paid vacation to "Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand" and participated in the fitter training of the fourth "revitalization Cup" youth vocational skills competition. In addition to the relatively difficult practical tasks to be completed in a short time, the theory examination also added a CAD drawing link. Although he has mastered some CAD drawing techniques in the past, it is still very difficult for him to win a prize in such a high-level competition. In order to make a new leap in his level as soon as possible, during the training period, after completing the specified 8 hours of practical operation and 2 hours of theoretical study every day, Wang Jianzhong, who is physically and mentally exhausted than pure plastic or pure wood, did not dare to slack off at all, but continued to check materials and train graphics on the computer. To start a picture, you need to draw a few product fractions and start it for hours. You often practice late into the night, one day, two days, three days... Huangtian is not bad for those who want to. Wang Jianzhong's drawing level has improved by leaps and bounds. In November, he won the second place in the assembly fitter competition with his strong comprehensive strength

young people should be brave in innovation. As long as they study carefully, they can still make "foreign equipment" handy

the equipment in the tooth wheel workshop is expensive, and each equipment is worth millions of yuan, most of which are imported equipment with high technical content. With the continuous accumulation of work experience, Wang Jianzhong deeply felt that the post workers in the new era can't just follow the rules. Only by using their brains and daring to innovate, can they rush and win at the critical time

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