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Vodafone and Philips jointly build Internet lighting and smart city services

Vodafone today announced a new agreement to become the global leader of Philips Lighting, Royal Philips and lighting, and a connection partner managed by the global IOT

according to the agreement, the two companies will enable global urban authorities to implement intelligent street lighting systems that will be connected wirelessly, thereby saving energy, simplifying maintenance and improving efficiency

Philips citytouch street lighting management system will use Vodafone's current electronic tensile testing machine, the world's leading machine to machine (M2M) network to connect various lighting points. Each connected street lamp will contain a cast aluminum alloy that is filled with molten metal in the mold Vodafone M2M sim. Then, municipalities can monitor and manage lighting through user-friendly and highly flexible systems, while engineers will be able to check performance, identify faults and remotely control lighting

jointly provided services allow city authorities to create an infrastructure that is easy to expand and will be able to support other smart city applications in the future

Erik brenneis, director of Vodafone M2M, said:

lighting plays a key role in smart cities. Our agreement with Philips will enable this technology, with the support of Vodafone's global leading innovation, technology and network, to change the cities of the world, said anthonyquarterman, vice president of the company

bill bien, senior vice president of strategy and marketing of Philips Lighting, added:

less than 12% of the street lights in the world are led, and less than 2% of the street lights are connected. We are at the beginning of a new era, which will see energy-efficient street lighting become the backbone of most smart cities with the explosion of new energy vehicles

strong and reliable wireless connection will link the street lamp with sensors, equipment and management system, which will help to achieve this goal. By cooperating with Vodafone, we can work together to make lighting beyond the scope of lighting, so as to make the city more energy-saving, safer and ultimately more livable

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