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Wang Min: XCMG is transforming with "leading technology and indestructible use"

Wang Min: XCMG is transforming with "leading technology and indestructible use"

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during the 2017 global construction machinery industry conference, Wang Min said that XCMG was born for construction machinery, and it will fight to the end and rush to the top. Therefore, repeat step 5 (1) 1 for the experiment. The goal he set for XCMG is very clear, "Mount Everest tops the top three in the world"

it is worth noting that the summit released the "2017 top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers list". XCMG ranks firmly in the top 10, ranking seventh. It is the only Chinese enterprise to enter the top 10, and has also ranked first in China's construction machinery industry for 28 consecutive years

It is reported that XCMG has become the manufacturer with the longest product line and the most complete categories in the global construction machinery industry; In many fields, XCMG has entered the top three or even the first in the world. "XCMG has the foundation and strength to represent Chinese enterprises to go all out to the high-end and international deep sea, and to sprint the last few hundred meters of Mount Everest." Wang Min said

to achieve the goal of "reaching the top of Mount Everest and ranking among the top three in the world", Wang Min believes that XCMG is tempering in the fire, transforming and transforming, practicing the industry gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", and comprehensively developing high-end manufacturing and internationalization strategies

specifically, Wang Min summarized this transformation into three aspects: holding high and fighting high, making high-end breakthroughs, and paying close attention to the implementation of the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use"; XCMG has firmly anchored the two supporting strategies of technological innovation and internationalization; Closely centering on the "three haves and one can" development concept of quality, efficiency, scale and sustainability, XCMG has put the starting point and foothold of enterprise strategic adjustment and operation development on comprehensively improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and has cast an iron and steel fighting team, a brave and tenacious fighting spirit and a century old XCMG culture

of course, the challenge is also obvious. "There are conceptual challenges, institutional challenges, technical challenges, international challenges, talent challenges, and so on, which need to be solved." Wang Min said to Hexun

in addition, in Wang Min's view, the policy dividends of China's construction machinery industry are being released. The state has issued the made in China 2025, Internet + integrated development action plan, which is a good opportunity for the whole industry. Especially in the tide of China's economic transformation and upgrading, the central government vigorously advocated that financial assets should be transferred from virtual assets to real assets to serve the real economy

Wang Min stressed that if a country does not have a manufacturing based real economy, economic growth will not continue. "Manufacturing, we all call it a traditional industry. Without this traditional industry, all emerging industries have become trees without roots and water without a source."

overseas layout has entered the harvest period

it is worth noting that in recent years, XCMG has performed well in globalization, which is regarded as one of the core strategies by Wang min. The overseas layout has begun to enter the harvest period, which is also reflected in its performance

according to Wang Min, XCMG has a deep and solid global layout, and has manufacturing bases in Brazil, Germany, Austria, India and the United States. On August 30, XCMG's 30 ton mining excavators, 110 ton mining dump trucks, 300 horsepower mining graders and other products were exported in complete sets; The company won orders in eight markets in South America, reached cooperation agreements with vale and other major customers, and launched the planning and layout of the construction of KD factory in the United States; People stayed in the car longer and longer to build a professional cross-border e-commerce sales company, and the direct sales revenue of cross-border e-commerce continued to double

at present, XCMG has become one of the few manufacturers that can manufacture super large and high-end mining excavators and mining trucks. Its equipment is exported to many overseas countries and has entered the core market blocked by foreign brands

Wang Min told Hexun that the important support for XCMG's good momentum in breaking through the overseas high-end market this year is its adherence to technological innovation, overseas layout, building an international talent team, and overseas mergers and acquisitions, as well as the construction of factories, construction sites and channels in Greenland

he believes that with the implementation of national strategies such as the "the Belt and Road" initiative, Chinese enterprises are facing important opportunities for overseas layout, and enterprises should adhere to overseas layout, including plant construction, channels and talents

however, Wang Min also admitted that the majority of Chinese enterprises in the world's construction machinery share is still in the middle and low end, and there is still a long way to go compared with the world's strongest players in terms of product technology, quality internationalization, internal management system, and the level of key components of intelligent manufacturing. Domestic enterprises need to strengthen technological innovation and pay attention to talents and channels, so as to have good support. "

expect XCMG to become a pilot enterprise of comprehensive reform

under the background of accelerating the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises and deepening to the vertical, Wang Min hopes XCMG can become a pilot enterprise of comprehensive reform

"now the new subsidiary of XCMG must be employee stock ownership." For example, Wang Min said that the subsidiary XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "XCMG information") will be listed on the new third board this year

it is reported that in order to use emerging information technology to promote its own transformation and transformation, XCMG information is regarded as the "pioneer of the industrial 4.0 revolution" of XCMG group. At present, XCMG information has officially applied for listing on the new third board. The listing data disclosed by the national share transfer system shows that XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. holds 60% of the shares of XCMG information and is the controlling shareholder of XCMG information. The actual controller of XCMG information is the state owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Xuzhou Municipal People's government

for the parent company, Wang Min said that the mixed ownership reform has not been mentioned on the agenda. He hopes that the next step for the higher Party committee and government will focus on the mixed ownership reform of XCMG's parent company

this is also a wish in Wang Min's heart. "It is my wish for XCMG to become a long-life and healthy enterprise. The problem of mixed reform of XCMG has not been broken through. I have been a construction machinery enterprise all my life. When it is approaching the retirement age, this is the one thing I most want to do."

as for the reasons for the failure to make a breakthrough, Wang Min explained to Hexun that XCMG has been an enterprise that the deformation of materials in the whole society has completely disappeared. Over the past few decades, XCMG has had a correct track and development momentum. To carry out the reform of mixed ownership is relatively large and involves all aspects. He also revealed, "XCMG has a history of mixed reform before. In 2003, it tried to let foreign capital hold shares, but it did not change into. We are more cautious about the reform and restructuring of such excellent state-owned enterprises."

Wang Min hopes that the central government can take XCMG as a pilot of comprehensive reform and work together to come up with a good plan. "In fact, this matter is not a big problem. As long as the state-owned holding, employee participation, and some strategic investors come in, it is a good thing. I think it will be launched in the next oneortwo years."

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