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Wartsila shipham company expands the range of valves

it is reported that the accuracy indicators such as the inspection of random signals and harmonic distortion of Wartsila shipham valves are formulated to ensure the uniqueness of environmental experimental conditions. The company has expanded the range of its dual phase and super dual phase stainless steel (purchased and supplied in the product library) valves, so as to provide higher rated pressure

Wartsila engineers are carrying out liquid penetrant testing of the casting integrity of a butterfly valve

it is reported that Wartsila shipham valve company has expanded its range of dual phase and super dual phase stainless steel (product library purchase and supply) valves to provide higher rated pressure

Wartsila shipham valve company's whole range of valve production excellence includes gate valve, ball valve, check valve, ball valve and butterfly valve. Now it can be divided into two-phase and super two-phase valves, with sizes ranging from 1/2 inch (15 mm) to 48 Inch (1200 mm), and rated pressure up to 1500 pounds of American Standards Institute

shipham valve company is a subsidiary of Wartsila, located in the UK. The expanded dual phase and super dual phase stainless steel valves not only meet the requirements of NORSOK m-630, D46 and D56 material specifications, but also have been recognized by many major automotive oil and gas company suppliers in China. To ensure a high degree of integrity and 100% material traceability, all shipham castings are purchased from foundries that meet NORSOK m-650 qualifications

the new valve will be exhibited at the valve World Expo (mtmarion will provide nearly 130000 tons of lithium concentrate in the first half of the year) held in dorseldorf, Germany, from December 2 to 4 this year

Wartsila shipham valve company's new 8-inch

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