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From November 9 to 13, 2010 Shanghai IAS industry plans to lay out a batch of new materials in cutting-edge fields to promote the overall development of the new material industry. The automation exhibition will be grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. With its full range of products, weidmiller made every effort to launch this annual event to show the most comprehensive products and industry application solutions

in the field of wiring terminals, WDK double-layer wiring terminals are available for the first time. The rated voltage is 800V, the rated current is 57A, the rated crimping area is 10mm2, and the product size is 85x69.5x9.9mm. Each layer has a horizontal connection, and the horizontal connection is standard wqv 10. This product is suitable for machinery, elevator, transportation, electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy and other industries

in the field of PCB products, Weidmuller omnimate power series products will become important products in the field of PCB connectors. LXXX 15.00 terminal with a wiring area of 50mm2 and a rated current of 150A is mainly used in power electronic devices such as power modules and frequency converters. It is the European PCB terminal with the highest current resistance and the largest wiring area in the industry at present; In terms of omnimate power connectors, we have launched a full series of it power connectors with intermediate hooks and automatic locking (the maximum rated current can reach 76a); In addition, the bvf/sv 7.62hp hybrid series connector of Weidmuller is the first in the industry. The hybrid connector innovatively integrates the connection of power line, signal line and cable shielding layer into an integrated solution, and provides plug-in shielding connection function while ensuring the reliable transmission of power supply and signal. At the same time, plugging not only ensures the anti electromagnetic interference ability of the system, but also improves the convenience and compactness of the connector. This product should have a market driving effect in frequency converter, servo and other applications

in the field of heavy-duty connector products, Weidmuller high current 4000V, 550A heavy-duty connector will become the preferred product in the market. Rockstar high current modular combination connector is a high protection heavy-duty connector specially designed for transportation, large machinery, wind power and other industries. It includes an independent pin of a multi gate system, an insulating jacket outside the pin, a frame for fixing the plug core, a cast aluminum shell and some accessories. By using this connector, customers can use ordinary cable connectors to complete long-distance power transmission. This series of products use shielding brush for shielding wiring, which changes the traditional way of shielding layer treatment through shielding cable joint. The contact mode of shielding layer changes from point contact to surface contact, which has better effect and more reliability; At the same time, the pins of this series of products are designed with finger shaped longitudinal stripes, which not only greatly reduces the force when inserting and pulling out, but also effectively reduces the welding effect between male and female pins after long-time power on. It can crimp 240mm2 conductor at most; The indelible laser logo is one of its characteristics. The shell adopts Weidmuller's unique laser printing, which effectively prevents the logo from fading after long-term outdoor use, and is convenient for maintenance and reorder; The protection grade of its shell can reach ip68/69k, with high-strength seismic performance and excellent anti-corrosion performance. The solid mounting bracket firmly fixes the whole connector on the equipment, and it can be installed in two layers

in the field of tool products, as early as the 1970s, weidmiller first developed a stripax, which integrates the functions of wire stripping and wire breaking. After continuous improvement and innovation, the fourth generation stripax will be launched soon. The new stripax integrates the humanized design that many competitors' products do not have, grasps the details of the products, and improves the customer's performance in all aspects

in relay products, Weidmuller will be the first to introduce two mainstream new products, DDR series and DRL series. As a high-power relay, DDR series has a contact power of 2500va, and its insulation strength is as high as 2500V. It provides 2Co (8-pin) and 3Co (11 pin) relays, European pin layout, round pins are more firm, not easy to deform, has international certification CE, T V, and conforms to ROHS environmental protection standards; DRL series is suitable for switching medium or large AC inductive loads. It has high reliability, long working life, insulation strength up to 2500V, built-in bipolar indicator light, can display working status, firm pins, and is not easy to deform. It has international certification CE, T V, UL, and conforms to ROHS environmental protection standards. The two products can meet the actual needs of machinery, electric power, metallurgy and other industries

Weidmuller also has rich production and design experience in the field of optocoupler. Weidmuller termopto optocoupler made an amazing appearance in this Industrial Expo. The compact terminal design saves track space and provides customers with pluggable transverse connectors to reduce wiring time. Termopto provides customers with 60 different products, 10 different input voltages, 3 output voltages, and two different connection methods: screw connection and in-line connection. The built-in protection circuit enables the device to be fully protected under different load conditions, whether resistive load, inductive or capacitive load. For pure inductive loads, pure capacitive loads or circuits that generate high current pulses during startup or disconnection, such as solenoid valves and wire bulbs, it is necessary to ensure that a suitable distance is maintained from the coupler or protected by additional protective devices. Termopto is the best choice for users in machinery, petrochemical and other industries

Weidmuller's pro-m power supply is a leading product with a 3-year warranty. It is a power supply that saves installation space in the application of automation technology. It is very compact and extremely firm - an important feature of Weidmuller's 10 new pro-m series power supplies. Pro-m provides reliable 24V DC power, which can be installed by side-by-side DIN rail without clearance, which can greatly save installation space. High efficiency, strong overload capacity and excellent power retention characteristics make it a reliable power supply that can meet various strict application requirements- 25 ...+ The wide working temperature range of 70 ℃ enables the pro-m to operate at almost all ambient temperatures; The strong output power retention ability within the working temperature range makes it meet the application requirements of high standards; Wide AC and DC voltage input range ensures stable and reliable operation. At the same time, the full series of certified ul60950, ul508, csa2.22 No. 107 and GL further improve the advantageous characteristics of pro-m power supply suitable for various common applications. Pro-m series power supply can be widely used in machinery, transportation, electric power, wind power, metallurgy and other industries

Weidmuller veritor SPC SSC surge protector is two reliable products with high quality, which can be effectively applied in various complex environments and suitable for industries with special requirements for product applications such as nuclear power. Weidmuller veritector SPC surge protector, with a width of only 17.8 mm, 2/3/4 wire signal protection, has the function of working state display and remote signaling. This surge protector mainly has the following advantages: 1) safe and convenient: pluggable module, anti wrong plug; 2) Rich models: different protection circuits, analog and digital signals, 2/3/4 wire system and other voltage levels are designed for different signals; 3) Quick identification: color label, different colors represent signals of different voltage levels. 12V and below green; 24V digital signal blue; 24V analog signal yellow; 48V red; 60V purple; 4) Monitoring function: working status display and remote signaling function; 5) Test instrument: v-tset handheld test instrument, which can carry out on-site detection of VSPC pluggable modules to meet the inspection and maintenance requirements of IEC62305 standard. V-test can also test pluggable modules of Pui and puii series; 6) Standard module: meet the installation requirements of IEC62305. The maximum discharge current of grounding is up to 20KA (8/20 s) and 2.5kA (10/350 s). Comply with IEC requirements for use in class D1, C2 and C1 environments. VSPC products can be applied to transportation, power, wind power, petrochemical and other industries

The main advantages of veritor SSC series products are: 1) rich models: there are more than 100 models, and different protection circuits, analog signals, digital signals and various voltage levels are designed for different signals; 2) Quick identification: a large number of tag numbers are used for identification, and different colors of color tags represent signals of different voltage levels; 3) Convenient wiring: the wiring range is from 0.05mm2 to 6 mm2. A slotted Torx screwdriver can be used, and the maximum torque is 0 0Nm; 4) Space saving: the product is only 6.2 mm wide; 5) Safe and convenient: the guide rail is directly grounded, and the maximum discharge current to the ground is up to 20KA (8/20 s); 6) EMC Kit: including shielding connector and cable tie. Using EMC suite, the shielding layer of the cable can be easily connected to VSSC or VSPC module. VSSC products are a reliable choice for users in elevator, machinery, metallurgy and petrochemical industries

Weidmuller act20p series products are high-quality products in the field of isolators. Act20p bridge pressure strain bridge can convert signals into standard analog signals, and can adapt to different load units by setting keys; Act20p Zhongwang also established Liaoning aerospace aluminum alloy R & D joint laboratory and other bridge isolators jointly with Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and AVIC Shenfei civil aircraft Co., Ltd., which can be connected to weighing sensors and can be used to detect all types of industrial weighing sensors. Changes in weight or pressure can cause changes in resistance. These signals are read by this isolator and converted into MV signals; The product can output various standard signals at the output end, such as 0 (4) -20ma, or 0 - 10V; The isolation design of input and output can eliminate the signal noise at the input end, and the tare input control signal can be used to set the tare. This product is suitable for machinery, transportation, electric power, wind power, metallurgy and other industries

in terms of industrial application solutions, in addition to providing successful application solutions in the traditional elevator, machinery and metallurgical industries, Weidmuller will also provide efficient, leading and comprehensive industrial application solutions in the fields of wind power, photovoltaic, transportation and petrochemical to help our customers achieve the greatest win-win situation

Weidmuller has been committed to providing reliable and safe products and solutions for the elevator and escalator industry. The plug-in terminals, terminals, PCB terminals, time relays, DC power supply, heavy-duty connectors and actuator/sensor sockets we provide have been spread throughout all subsystems of elevators and escalators, such as: Elevator frequency converter control system, elevator dialog control, floor selection control panel, system control cabinet and escalator sensor detection system, control station, on-site commissioning and maintenance control interface, control cabinet. In the Xizi Otis project, a full range of weidmiller products are favored by customers, showing consistent high quality and stability

innovative terminals, heavy-duty connectors, relays with superior performance, power supplies, external junction boxes with high protection levels, Sai products, interface systems with convenient use and high integration, bus cables and other products have proved that Weidmuller has always taken the development and improvement of products to meet the application needs of the machinery industry as the primary goal. At the same time, the uncompromising product quality control and the achievement of various certifications reflect Weidmuller's long-term pursuit of product quality as a participant in the formulation of VDE (German national standard) and ZVEI (Central Association for electronic and electrical technology). Now, as many as 35000 Weidmuller products are for customers

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