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Intelligent manufacturing in Yuhang development zone is taking off

Abstract: in recent years, Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Qianjiang economic and Technological Development Zone) conforms to the development trend of "made in China 2025", increases the promotion of industrial interconnection in the direction of intelligent production and systematic digitalization, and establishes "intelligent manufacturing" as a new engine, new advantage and new breakthrough for a new round of leapfrog development

when Internet technology meets the new wave of industrial change, the era of industrial interconnection with intelligent manufacturing as the core content quietly opens. A national strategy of "made in China 2025" points out the direction of transformation and upgrading for made in China: "vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing and speed up industrial intellectualization", which is a key step to seize the development opportunities of industry 4.0 era and participate in the shaping of the new pattern of global manufacturing industry

in Zhejiang, a major manufacturing province, facing new opportunities and challenges, there are always trendsetters who are at the forefront and try first, contributing experience and wisdom to the transformation of manufacturing and the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in Zhejiang and even China. Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Qianjiang economic and Technological Development Zone), which has a solid manufacturing foundation and leads the information economy in the country, ranked first among the district and county-level national development zones in the comprehensive evaluation in 2016, is such an existence

in recent years, Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Qianjiang economic and Technological Development Zone) (hereinafter referred to as "the development zone") has complied with the development trend of "made in China 2025", increased the promotion of industrial interconnection in the direction of intelligent production and systematic digitalization, and established "intelligent manufacturing" as a new engine, new advantage and new breakthrough for a new round of leapfrog development

boss appliances, Western Olympic elevator, spring breeze power... Star enterprises rely on intelligent manufacturing innovation practice to become industry leaders, and leave the era style of Chinese high-end manufacturing along the "the Belt and Road"; 2016 China (Hangzhou) Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, 2017 China Industrial interconnection Conference... A series of industry forward-looking high-end conferences have been held in Yuhang, polishing Yuhang's regional brand image in the field of intelligent manufacturing

now, as an important growth pole of the smart manufacturing corridor in the east of Hangzhou, it is shouldering many historical tasks, such as the first smart manufacturing demonstration base in Zhejiang Province, the first batch of "two modernizations" integration pilot units in Zhejiang Province, and the "made in China 2025 Zhejiang action" pilot area. The development zone is forging ahead, and the era forward-looking smart manufacturing "Yuhang mode" has emerged and is becoming increasingly mature

"leaders" take the lead in setting an example and taking the lead in setting a benchmark

Yuhang has a large number of manufacturing enterprises, and the development level of intelligent manufacturing is different. With the concept of "make-up 2.0, popularization 3.0 and demonstration 4.0", the Development Zone promotes classification and gradient building, gives full play to the exemplary role of leading enterprises, and leads Yuhang "intelligent manufacturing" to a higher level as a whole

in the Development Zone, leading enterprises have steadily promoted the innovation and exploration of intelligent manufacturing, which has made great contributions to improving quality and efficiency

in the digital intelligent production workshop of boss electric, the author sees that the whole production line has achieved fully automated production through the linkage and cooperation of multiple oil presses, punches, manipulators, multi joint robots and visual inspection systems. While reducing labor, it greatly improves the production efficiency and product yield

"it used to take almost 25 people to operate, but now it has been reduced to 3 people. The automatic production level has reached more than 95%, and the annual economic benefit has increased by at least 3million to 5million yuan." Caoyongxiang, chief engineer of electrical technology of the boss, said. As the first enterprise in the domestic kitchen electrical industry to implement an intelligent chemical plant, the "kitchen electrical appliances intelligent manufacturing project" carried out by boss electric for the digital intelligent manufacturing base was successfully selected into the "2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project" of the Ministry of industry and information technology

at the G20 Hangzhou summit in 2016, Chunfeng power gained a great reputation due to its outstanding completion of the important task of welcoming and escorting guests. Like the state guest car that was unveiled during the summit, Chunfeng power's mature intelligent level is even more outstanding in the industry. As early as 2012, Chunfeng power has proposed to build an "intelligent manufacturing digital chemical plant". Through the intelligent manufacturing command center, the enterprise informatization will be extended to the production workshop, directly to the bottom production equipment, and finally realize the "intelligent management" of the whole workshop. In recent years, Chunfeng power has actively carried out the transformation of IOT factories. In 2016, the construction of the new version of "smart factory" was completed, which increased the per capita efficiency by 30%, the equipment efficiency by 25%, and the inventory turnover rate by 50%. In 2016, Chunfeng power, boss appliances and Theo elevator were rated as "the first batch of factory IOT demonstration model projects in Hangzhou"

the intelligent road of boss electric appliance and Chunfeng power is just a microcosm of Yuhang intelligent manufacturing. The function inspection in the intelligent test process of the development zone and the evaluation, review and advocacy of the final test pieces have swept different industries: tieliu clutch has been selected as a demonstration enterprise of the provincial "hundred enterprise equipment optimization and upgrading project"; Four projects including Qianjiang compressor were included in the provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration, and Minsheng pharmaceutical and Wantong intelligent control were included in the pilot; Changjiang automobile, China Resources Snow Beer and other six projects were listed in the municipal Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot; Yuhang traditional home textile enterprises seek transformation with the help of "Internet +". Relying on big data, ed textile realizes private personalized customization...

the intelligent manufacturing practice of the development zone with a hundred flowers blooming has penetrated from traditional equipment manufacturing to five leading industries such as health care, green environmental protection, fabric home textile and modern service industry, The intelligent development direction of the five industries is gradually clear: the equipment manufacturing industry is committed to building a service-oriented intelligent equipment industry, the pharmaceutical and health industry is committed to building a smart medical industry base, and the new energy and new materials industry is committed to accelerating the full coverage of green manufacturing methods. The "5x1" industrial system of the development zone with the "Internet +" gene will become a beautiful landscape in the contemporary industrial development history of Yuhang

"the Development Zone hopes to build a number of leading enterprises in intelligent manufacturing. On the whole, it needs to cultivate 56 large enterprises with more than 500 million yuan. Intelligent manufacturing should ensure 30 or even 40 large enterprise groups. In addition, it also needs to cultivate 70-80 small and medium-sized intelligent manufacturing potential enterprises." The main person in charge of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Development Zone disclosed

abundant sunshine and rain, strong atmosphere of intelligent innovation

this is a place for enterprises and talents to realize their dreams. Once dreams are combined with this soil, they can always bloom bright flowers of reality. The development trend of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Development Zone in full swing is not only due to the trend of the times and local industrial strength, but also inseparable from the mature Yuhang industrial development ecosystem suitable for the growth of intelligent manufacturing

in order to create a good atmosphere for the development of intelligent manufacturing, the Development Zone continues to improve various service platforms and optimize the support environment for the integration of "industrialization and industrialization"

the innovation platform of high-end intelligent equipment continues to grow. The development zone has successively introduced a number of University and institution resources, such as the aerospace East China advanced technology innovation center of the 13th Research Institute of the Ninth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and the Hangzhou International Fashion Institute jointly built by Zhejiang University of technology, so as to further strengthen the enterprise industry University research cooperation platform; Vigorously promote provincial enterprise research institutes such as boss appliance, foster, Donghua chain and Xingyuan environment, as well as enterprise R & D centers such as Xi'ao, Chunfeng power and Wantong intelligent control, strive to solve enterprise technical problems, realize the seamless connection between industry, University and research, and accelerate the transformation of technological achievements; Comprehensively promote the construction of sensor towns, focus on the development of a new generation of smart sensor industry based on MEMS, and create an international sensor industry base integrating sensor R & D and application, industrialized production, technology trading, and industry university research cooperation. Up to now, the number of technology R & D centers above the municipal level in the development zone has reached 22, providing strong intellectual and technical support for the innovative development of enterprises

the enterprise service system has been continuously improved. In order to improve the fine management level of the park, the information management service platform of the development zone has been established and improved. Based on the 3D geospatial information platform, the information of enterprises, land, underground pipe and industrial economy in the development zone has been collected, and the tracking service of project implementation has been strengthened, the level of intensive land use has been improved, and the fine management has been realized; Actively connect with well-known service providers inside and outside the province to provide enterprises with intelligent manufacturing, machine replacement, data management, cloud services, information security and other services; Accelerate the docking with China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, Zhejiang electronic products inspection institute and other institutions, provide enterprises with consulting services such as the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, the implementation of management system standards, and informatization planning, and help enterprises establish a long-term informatization construction promotion mechanism

at the beginning of this year, Yuhang "strong manufacturing zone 2017 No. 1 document" - Guiding Opinions on strengthening project access and promoting intelligent manufacturing factory solution services "was successfully issued. In order to strengthen the "soft service" and "full service" of the policy implementation process, the economic and Information Department of the development zone took the lead in setting up an evaluation organization composed of relevant professors from the Provincial Academy of industry and information technology, Zhejiang University, and relevant enterprise experts to provide free intelligent manufacturing consulting for enterprises in the Development Zone, systematically strengthen the evaluation of intelligent manufacturing maturity, and provide intelligent manufacturing factory solutions for manufacturing projects with new land

development zones are makers and service providers of soft and hard environments, while enterprises are the core force to practice intelligent manufacturing and the endogenous driving force to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing

in 2015, on the third day after the end of the first Wuzhen interconnection conference, the administrative committee of the Development Zone organized dozens of bosses of Yuhang backbone enterprises to Wuzhen to collectively listen to Li Santong, general manager of Litai, explain the relevant knowledge of "industrial interconnection". "This is the first time that the bosses of key enterprises in the development zone have collectively contacted intelligent manufacturing, and it is also a good start," recalled a staff member of the Industrial Development Bureau of the development zone

subsequently, with the joint promotion of the administrative committee of the development zone and the chamber of Commerce, the entrepreneurs of the Development Zone organized collective learning and exchange of cutting-edge trends in the development of the manufacturing industry from time to time. This learning and exchange mode gradually evolved into a business fashion with Yuhang characteristics. At the same time, the development zone must control the temperature and humidity of the laboratory within a certain range every quarter. It also held an operation analysis meeting for the chief financial officers of 40 backbone enterprises, and organized the "rich second generation" to participate in the "special seminar on enterprise operation and management of the school of management of Zhejiang University", so as to improve the succession ability of the second generation of Zhejiang businessmen

at the 2017 China Industrial interconnection conference held not long ago, the relevant principals of Theo elevator, boss appliances, Chunfeng power and other enterprises gathered together to form a consensus on the integration of manufacturing and interconnection - "pay attention to talent matching, maintain an open mind, be brave in innovation, and the integration and innovation of manufacturing and interconnection must be promising."

with the guidance of the government, the positive response of enterprises and the joint participation of social forces, there is plenty of sunshine and rain that nourish the healthy growth of Intelligent Manufacturing in Yuhang, which promotes Yuhang intelligent manufacturing to maintain a healthy and upward development trend. A leader of the Ministry of industry and information technology who participated in the 2017 China Industrial interconnection conference couldn't help sighing: "the atmosphere of promoting intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection like Yuhang is rare in the country."

both software and hardware strength, showing brand influence

nowadays, the high-level intelligent manufacturing has won a strong market voice for Yuhang manufacturing. There are ten manufacturing intelligent factories in Zhejiang Province, and four in the development zone; The total number of factory IOT and industrial interconnection projects ranks first in all counties and districts of Hangzhou; It includes two pilot demonstration enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology,

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