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Giant network released the playika restructuring draft to enter AI editor's note: now more and more people are engaged in AI

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giant network released the playika restructuring draft to enter AI

giant network () today released the report on issuing shares to purchase assets and related party transactions (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the draft), which disclosed the details of the transaction plan for the acquisition of playika, an Israeli high-tech company, This includes the performance commitment to increase the maximum four-year net profit of 10.3 billion yuan. This is the latest development of the restructuring plan, and giant network is actively promoting the restructuring work. Playtika is a company that uses artificial intelligence technology to transform games. It was jointly founded by Robert antokol (CEO) and URI Shahak in 2010. Headquartered in Israel, the company has R & D branches in the United States, Canada, Japan, Ukraine and other places around the world, with about 1500 employees

On the evening of November 26, Wolong Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. announced that it sold its 2% stake in Guangzhou junhailuo Technology Co., Ltd. to Guangzhou Junzhi Zhijian investment partnership (limited partnership) with 39.3551 million yuan in cash, and the company's shareholding in junhailuo fell to 49%. The transaction is expected to obtain an investment income of about 4.36 million yuan. Junhailuo was founded in 2 automatic clamping and loosening devices, sample clamping force: the experimental machine market can increase the assessment requirements for instrument standards. 690kpa. In 2014, it is a cutting-edge game company focusing on game distribution and operation services. At the beginning of its establishment, it received tens of millions of yuan of top-level venture capital investment. It has successively successfully issued "Sword Fairy fate", "national gods and demons", "miracle Westward Journey" and other tours, and has sold to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe Market expansion in Japan, South Korea and other places. The H5 mobile game "fantasyland of time", which was developed with an investment of 2million, once achieved a monthly flow of 20million this year

Apple suspended more than 700 app downloads in China, and pinduoduo and other companies were recruited, including 50 game applications.

in the morning of November 27, it was said that the future form of Apple App Store collection would be suspended from downloading a number of applications, including pinduoduo, Sogou map, Sogou navigation, tuhu car keeping, Book Chasing artifact, iFLYTEK reading, yuepao, etc. It is understood that Apple suspended a total of 718 app downloads in China that day. At present, when searching pinduoduo in the app store, only the merchant version of pinduoduo is displayed. When searching other applications suspected of being taken off the shelves, no results are displayed. However, the downloaded apps will not affect the use

international hot spot

Microsoft will provide a dream budget for the newly acquired Xbox exclusive studio

according to foreign media segmentnext, Microsoft will provide an unlimited budget for the newly acquired Xbox exclusive studio. As we all know, Microsoft is a huge enterprise with strong capital and resource strength. Due to the lack of first-party exclusive works on Xbox one series hosts, even the exclusive works that have been sold cannot be compared with PS4, so Microsoft has been defeated in the host war of this generation

it is suspected that the design drawing of the new steam store interface has been exposed.

Pavel djundik, the founder of steam dB, posted a picture on twitter, saying that this is the design drawing of the new steam store interface. He also said that the page design of valve has been going on for a long time. Pavel djundik compared the design drawings (drawings) of the new store interface of steam exposed two years ago, and it can be seen that there are still some differences

"wild escort ol" will allow 8 people to form a team, and the war bureau can accommodate up to 32 people.

the beta version of "wild escort ol" is coming. It is reported that you [China Plastics online news] on October 1, the play will allow up to 8 people to form a team. In addition to fighting with other teams, you can also form a team to fish, hunt and camp. At the beginning of the launch of "wild escort ol", the same Bureau will accommodate up to 32 people, that is, 4 teams, but it may increase in the future

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