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Although the laudatory title of "hometown of pipe fittings" has brought us good economic benefits, it is impossible to open it as it is. This year, the selection of leaders of Bohai Sea will have some changes in 2015. Turn Chinese production into "Chinese intelligent production". China's nonferrous metal imports are mainly concentrated in the Philippines, Australia and Malaysia. Bohai leaders believe that if they want to open up, they must rely on integration

although the laudatory name of the hometown of pipe fittings has brought us good economic benefits, it may cause great mold filling changes if we want to open it intact. Just this year, the leaders of Bohai Sea will make some changes in 2015. Turn Chinese production into "Chinese intelligent production"

the leaders of the Bohai Sea think that if they want to open up, they must rely on integration

combine with orders. Big Bohai alloy elbow through orders associated with the company, relying on large households with small households, to accelerate the expansion of the completion plan. At that time, the leading companies of pipe casting in the county, such as housekeeper camp, Tianbao and Guanli, not only attached importance to cultivating pipe brand, opening domestic and international shopping malls, expanding business to military industry, but also actively marched into shopping malls in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, striving to make the county's casting industry bigger and stronger

combined by types. According to the company's property, production capacity and commodity types, Dahai alloy elbow encourages advantageous companies with a production capacity of more than 10000 tons to merge and combine small and micro companies to form a group; Encourage companies with a production capacity of less than 5000 tons to be combined and restructured, complete the strong strong combination, strong weak combination, and expand production capacity

Combined steel formwork jg/t3060 ⑴ 999

combined with skills. Bohai elbow manufacturers promote commodity innovation with technological innovation, extend the industrial chain, and promote industrial upgrading. The utility has advanced the overall benefits of the company, making the easy forging and die forging 21187-t4 reach the world leading level of 75% and 84% respectively

combine according to the specification. According to the guidance catalogue of pipe casting industry and energy consumption, environmental protection and Safety specifications, Bohai alloy elbow adopts the method of connecting shopping malls and administrative methods to speed up the selection of casting companies with high pollution, high energy consumption, low output and low efficiency

integration into the park. With the favorable conditions of the national foreign trade transformation and promotion demonstration base, Dabai alloy elbow plans to build an export demonstration park. Together, accelerate the construction of pipe casting industrial park

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