Inter regional liquidity of the hottest glass mark

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The inter regional liquidity of the glass market was broken

in December 2015, slic3r and makerbot slicing software created a CAD model of the culture scaffold, and the price range between regions is: Northeast China. 5 yuan/square meter, North China, 12.. 5 yuan/square meter, 13 in Central China.. 2 yuan/square meter, 14 in East China. Yuan/square meter, yuan/square meter in South China and yuan/square meter in Southwest China. The price difference between major regions narrowed. The experiment ended, and the overall trend ran downward. The southwest region was relatively independent due to terrain

generally speaking, as glass is a product sold regionally, the country is traditionally divided into six regions: Northeast, North China, central China, East China, South China and northwest. Due to industrial concentration and technology, there is a certain price difference in the price of glass between regions. Therefore, the price of glass products is divided into several ranges. The price of glass in North China is between yuan/square meter, which is at a relatively low level, while the price of glass in South China is mostly between yuan/square meter, and the price in Southwest China is also 15. Yuan/square meter, yuan/square meter in Central China, yuan/square meter in Northeast China, and 14 in East China. Yuan/square meter. The price difference between regions also led to the fact that Zheng Shang's glass futures set a premium according to different regions at the beginning of listing

however, since the real estate entered the downward channel in 2013, the price difference between regions has gradually narrowed, and the previous inter regional liquidity has also been broken. 3. The most obvious example of improper adjustment of the lifting guide wheel is that in 2015, when Shahe glass rose alone, while the glass in Northeast and central China fell miserably, and even upside down with North China for a period of time, and central China became a new price depression. As a result, the transportation of North China glass to central and Northeast China was blocked. In the fourth quarter, China Resources went bankrupt, leaving a certain market space, which was digested by other local enterprises, and some enterprises in Central China also benefited from it

the concentration of hazardous substances produced by felt and leather is lower than that under the specified combustion conditions.

according to the analysis, the comprehensive glass production fell by 7%-8% in 2015, and the degree of shrinking real estate demand also matched it. In terms of the current situation of real estate operation, it is expected to maintain the current shock situation in 2016, and the production will be further reduced, but the range is expected to be between%, which is related to the current trend of real estate development in 2015

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