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Street lamp intelligent remote monitoring system

1 Significance of street lamp monitoring system:

urban street lamp lighting system is an important symbol of urban modernization. Street lamp monitoring system is an advanced scientific management method and a necessary means of measurement and control of street lamp lighting, which is a qualitative leap compared with the original clock control timing switch management. On the information highway leading to the 21st century, the street lamp monitoring system is of great significance in promoting the modernization and informatization of urban construction, as well as in saving energy, beautifying the city and facilitating management

2. The system function

lays the foundation for the high-end of all manufacturing industries; On the other hand

1) remote control: the management center computer automatically controls the group on/off of street lights at the monitoring point according to the schedule set according to seasonal changes, temporarily changes the on/off, and adopts the combination of light control and time control. Realize the monitoring of all night lights, midnight lights, landscape lights and high-rise floodlights. When the upper computer is not working or due to unexpected conditions, the street light monitoring terminal at each monitoring point can automatically operate according to the last set time, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the system

2) telemetry: automatically patrol or randomly detect the voltage, current, power factor, active power, frequency and other working parameters of each monitoring point, and automatically calculate, count and query the lighting rate of each street lamp control

3) remote signaling: obtain information about the opening/closing status of each terminal, door opening switch, flooding, smoke alarm, cable anti-theft alarm, fault and alarm, so as to ensure the effective and normal operation of the system

4) remote regulation: adjust voltage reasonably, save electric energy, and prolong the use of lamps at the same time

5) remote viewing: add video monitoring function in some important road sections, which can monitor the site more intuitively

6) satellite timing: accurately calibrate the system clock

7) electronic map: integrate GIS electronic map information platform, zoom, translation, target locking Quick search and other operations

8) network version management software: Internet remote login function, supporting remote query, remote management and remote maintenance. Support central monitoring and hierarchical management, and set up multiple sub control centers

3 Comparison of system advantages:

the GPRS network of China Mobile has the advantages of wide network coverage (Urban coverage up to 100%), stable signal, strong real-time performance, strong scalability, good anti-interference, convenient installation, and low cost. GPRS network provides a reliable wireless transmission platform for the streetlight monitoring system to introduce the precautions and operation process of a steel bar bending experimental machine. The power saving rate of the whole system reaches%. There is no need for traditional patrol cars to check back and forth, saving manpower and material resources

using the communication mode of traditional data transmission radio, it not only needs to build a transmission tower, but also has a very limited coverage. It is fixed and cannot be moved, and the investment cost is high. The wider the coverage, the higher the construction cost. With the continuous development of urban construction, the higher the buildings are built, the communication between the transmission tower and the terminal will be hindered. Moreover, due to the influence of bad weather, other interference, and the difficulty of inspection, there are many disadvantages in the light of the light monitoring system with a market proportion of more than 40%

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