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With the rapid development of electronic information technology, various intelligent technologies have been popularized and applied in automobiles, fully reflecting their superior performance of safety, comfort, convenience and rapidity. At present, these intelligent technologies are mainly used in the following aspects of cars:

intelligent driving system intelligent driving system post tensioned prestressed system acceptance recommendations fip-93 system is equivalent to intelligent robot, which can drive cars instead of people. It mainly scans and monitors certain areas of the front and rear bumpers of the car through the infrared cameras installed on the front and rear bumpers and on both sides. The computer, electronic map and optical sensor in the car analyze and calculate the signal from the infrared camera, and send instructions instead of the human brain according to the traffic information from the road traffic information management system to command and execute the system to operate the car

smart key smart key emits infrared signal, which can not only open the door, trunk and fuel filler hole cover, but also operate the car window to open and close. The more advanced smart key for low VOC materials is like a credit card. When the driver touches the door handle, the central lock control system starts to work f) experimental methods and experimental machines, and send wireless query signals. After the smart key card makes a correct response, the car lock will automatically open, and the engine will start only when the central processing unit feels that the key is stuck in the car

intelligent air conditioning intelligent air conditioning system can analyze and judge the signals sent by the temperature and air cleanliness sensors installed in the vehicle according to the external climate conditions and the preset instructions, timely and automatically turn on the refrigeration, heating, dehumidification and air conditioning devices, and adjust the appropriate air environment in the vehicle

smart airbag smart airbag is made by adding sensors and matching computer software on the basis of ordinary airbag. Its weight sensor can sense whether the passenger is an adult or a child according to the weight, its infrared sensor can detect whether the seat is a person or an object according to the heat, and its ultrasonic sensor can detect the presence and position of the passenger. This technology can be regarded as an important breakthrough in the field of carbon fiber composites. Computer software can timely adjust the expansion timing, speed and degree of the airbag according to the passenger's body, weight, location, whether to wear a seat belt, and the speed and degree of vehicle collision, so that the safety airbag can provide the most reasonable and effective protection for passengers

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