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Combustible gas intelligent safety detection system (oil depot pump station) - monitoring system software function (5)

the monitoring system has real-time multi task operation function, and can complete strong tasks such as management, control, communication, etc. Imports are decreasing; 2 its main functions are as follows:

1 database management

A) access network data

b) accept the data call command of the software module for data processing and transmission

c) provide data modification services for other tasks

2 historical data management

a) regularly extract data from the database

b) calculate various historical data regularly (such as average value, maximum value, minimum value, etc.)

c) provide historical data call services for other tasks

d) recent and long-term storage of historical data

3 field picture display

a) the display system provides standard function pictures

b) display the screen defined by user function keys

c) in addition to various position graphics, each picture can also display dynamic data points and bar charts, dynamic curves and alarm

azimuth diagrams

but 4 alarm management

the alarm management module displays and records the alarms that appear in the system operation, and has the following functions

a) forced alarm display. If a point is in alarm, an alarm message will be forcibly displayed on the screen regardless of any state of the system

b) alarm list display. The alarm signals in alarm state are displayed on the screen in chronological order

c) alarm azimuth diagram display. In case of alarm, the operator can press a fixed key to display the orientation of the plant where the alarm point is located on the screen. When combustible gas leaks to the specified alarm value at a certain point, there will be signs at the corresponding positions in the figure

5 combustible gas concentration bar chart

this chart vividly describes the combustible gas concentration and the specified maximum concentration limit at all detection points of the whole plant, as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 is slightly

6 dynamic curve of combustible gas concentration

this figure depicts the recent combustible gas concentration change curve of each detection point in the whole plant in a curve way. According to the dynamic situation of the curve, the personnel on duty can analyze which places are prone to combustible gas leakage, as shown in Figure 4

save more surgical options. Don't use tools to pry and other dangerous methods to choose opportunities. Figure 4 slightly

7 report management and printing

the report management and printing module automatically accesses and prints the report. The printing method is regular printing or random printing. In addition, it also provides a backup printing method, that is, if the report cannot be printed in time due to some reason (such as paper jam, paper shortage, etc.), the backup table of the scheduled report can be printed at any time

8 state management of the system

the state management module of the system displays the system state information of each station of the system, such as the running state of a station (normal, alarm, communication, etc.). Then the information is displayed on the screen in the form of a screen

9 system timing function

after long-time operation of the system, there will be a certain deviation in entering the clock. The module software can be used to calibrate the clock

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