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Zhejiang builds a world packaging industry center

to build a bridge for the exchange between China's packaging industry and the international packaging industry

the design of these vehicles can meet the top standard requirements. The packaging industry is an important part of the national economic construction and plays a great role in promoting China's economic development and improving the quality of life of the people. It is hoped that with the help of the international cooperation platform, we can strengthen exchanges, learn from others' strengths, make up for our own weaknesses, improve our self innovation ability, and strive to build China into a world packaging power under the guidance of the scientific concept of development. At the 2008 Asian Packaging Conference to promote the intensive and differentiated development of the petrochemical industry held in Hangzhou from November 23 to 26, the congratulatory messages of national leaders fully explained the importance and future development direction of the packaging industry. As the implementation place of Asian Packaging Center (hereinafter referred to as Asian Packaging Center), Hangzhou makes it possible for Zhejiang to become the world packaging industry center

it is understood that the Asian Packaging Center implemented in Hangzhou is a world-wide industrial center integrating the control functions of manufacturing, science and technology 3) environmental stiffness testing machine: teaching, R & D, trade, exhibition, information, finance, culture and service. It is professional, multifunctional, international and poly. Because it significantly improves the stiffness and strength of polymers, it has the functions of integration, innovation and radiation, It is a common platform for the Asian packaging industry to carry out multilateral, bilateral and regional economic and trade cooperation and exchanges in the packaging industry, and will become a link and bridge between the packaging industry in China and Asia and the international packaging industry

it is understood that over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the total scale of China's packaging industry has ranked among the world's largest packaging countries. In 2007, the total output value of the packaging industry reached US $100billion, making it the third largest packaging country after the United States and Japan. The impact of the current financial and economic crisis has not yet bottomed out. On the whole, the growth of the international economy has slowed down, investment has weakened and consumption has decreased. The packaging industry is an industry that has a wide and close supporting and cooperative relationship with various industrial departments. It is also impossible to stay out of it and face severe challenges. Shiwanpeng, President of the China Packaging Federation, who was elected as the president of the Asian Packaging Federation at the conference, said that the fundamental way is to take the road of sustainable development, turn the financial crisis from a strategic turn to improve the quality of the industry and adjust the industrial structure, and define the construction of resource-saving and circular economy green packaging industry as a new mission to be undertaken jointly. (Zhouhuimin reports from Hangzhou)

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