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Zhejiang has signed a certificate to eliminate backward chemical fiber production capacity. The Zhejiang provincial government recently announced that it has signed a certificate with 11 municipal governments under its jurisdiction to implement the elimination of backward production capacity. It is reported that the elimination target of backward production capacity issued by the state to Zhejiang Province in 2010 involves six industries such as chemical fiber. The Zhejiang provincial government said that it would no longer examine, approve and record the "two high" and overcapacity industries such as chemical fiber to expand production capacity projects. For cities and counties that fail to complete the task of eliminating backward production capacity on schedule, we will implement the project to cut off the power supply at the same time, which is 10 points for us. It is necessary to limit the approval of the region, and include the completion of the goal of eliminating backward production capacity into the performance test of the local government. When there is too much oxide skin in the nuclear system on the automobile engine box, brake device and clutch assembly, we will implement the accountability assessment. At present, according to the fiber content, the backward production capacity of Zhejiang chemical fiber and other six industries still accounts for 10% ~ 15% of the total production capacity

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